Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You may now take a shit..wait what?!

Last week, two of my friends were late to class since we have a class before that and the lecturer didn't let us go 10 minutes early like they should have.
Hence when they arrived in class late, without haste the lecturer said this to them :

"WHY ARE YOU LATE?!" with an angry tone.

well there is no story here actually I wanted to tell but a question I would like to ask.

what would you answer to a lecturer when they ask you why are you late?

and here is what been bugging me...have anyone tried giving 'nature's call' as an excuse.
I can totally see that excuse help you out in answering the lecturer's question

let's imagine the conversation shall we? :


Hafiy : ehemm(clears throat)...well Dr, I have a very strong reason why I am 10 minutes late to class.. I was indeed were on my way here to your class but when suddenly something comes up... something were growling ferociously in my stomach, I thought I was hungry but I was wrong since I have already ate a bread before, but then I realised it wasn't hunger I was experiencing...it was Nature's calling. So, I HAD to make a stop to the nearest rest room, or water cabin if you like. It was so dire that it took me so long. Hence, that is why I am late. I was taking a shit. 

Lecturer :....!!

Hafiy : so are you gonna still gonna question me of why I am late or are you gonna question why human have to take a shit every now and then??

Lecturer : just forget it, and take your shit..eh?! I mean go on and take your seat

Hafiy : thank you for understanding my bowels reasons.

I guess if I were to say this to my lecturer they will admit me to the dean's office and make sure I got expel huh? Okay, maybe not a good reasons to give out maybe. haha. but it's sure gonna be funny though. 

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