Friday, February 22, 2013

False Allegation

I don't know why my friends think I have a lot of money and fond of things
when all that they speculate is not entirely true

it is not the true-true!

one accuse me to really like expensive things when the truth is I can't afford them, and I don't really care about brands that much
if it's about food, yes some of the expensive stuff do look temptation but I really didn't mind having to eat at a mamak stall or what so ever.
even one of my favorite dish is a simple "Roti Jala". You don't have to get into a fancy restaurant to have some.

when it come to clothing, tell me my fellow friends, when is the last time you saw me entering some infamous branded boutique to buy any clothing? the only thing I remember was buying a sweater in PDI and it was on sale! Mostly the cloth I have now my dad bought it for me from bundles shop and some my cousin give it to me.

I don't really like it when people point me out as the rich kid that can have everything. or as the kid that have money but choose not to spend it. that is not true. when I say I don't have the means to have those expensive things, I really mean it.

to be honest there are a lot of stuff I wanted to buy for myself : a electronic drawing pad, a phone that it's battery won't die after a few hours, a new spectacles, some new trousers or pants (I really need them cause I am left with only three) and the list go on and on. However I choose not to have those because I cannot simply afford any of those. The money I have from my dad is to be use for college matters and for food.

and let me tell you this, when it come to food I am not stingy, this is what my parents thought me, they say that I should not be stingy with other people and always be kind to them. So that is why I don't mind treating my friends to some makan-makan.

but do believe me when I say I can afford anything, and don't quickly jump to conclusion that I am a liar or such. that is very heartbreaking indeed. No one like to be accuse as a liar when they are not one.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I am empty

There is an emptiness inside of me
there is a hole inside of me
each and everyday the emptiness become wider
each and everyday the hole digs deeper

the is something missing in me
there is something screaming to tell me something
but all I heard is nothing

I at the moment, and have been for quite a time empty
and I hope to find something to fill this emptiness even if it is a little bit