Friday, December 21, 2012

My Blank Sketch Book is now Filled by a Page

I had bought this sketch book for almost 2 weeks now, perhaps more.
however, I never knew what to do with the very first page, idea and inspiration doesn't come easy,
especially when I am snowed under so many work of being a final year student.

So I notice some of my friends overseas were making sketches of scenery and buildings, monument on their own sketching pads. Hence I thought why not give it a swirl. I may not be that good of an artist but it's the effort that counts. Keep telling yourself ....

...I can only get better...

So here is the very first page I manage to fill. It's a scene of a garden. There were a lot of dimensional and perspective errors. Practice makes perfect right.

So, remember when I say about my friends sketching the scene of place they are actually seeing with their own sight? and remember when I said I wanted to try doing the same.
Well I made a few adjustments though. First of all at the time I wanted to start drawing, well, the time is actually way past midnight, and it was freaking dark outside, and not to mention cold. So instead of waiting for the sun to show up, I use the power of technology instead!

So google a scenery instead, since I am at it, why not go over the globe to find one. So I assume the picture I googled is one from Paris perhaps. Even I am not sure. So there you go, this is my version of drawing what you see....through a computer screen. *sigh*

one day for sure, I would travel and draw them myself while seeing it in person. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Note to you

Oh hi, how are you?

I am fine, but nothing much had happen. been to busy lately.

So bye