Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Advises that came to me

This past few days I have been miserable,
yesterday was shocking to me as I have receive something so big that you wouldn't want to bare.
I am more miserable by that time as I keep on thinking about it inside my head.
and in truth it making my head hurts and my heart ache

so today as I was google-ing in search of how to make a letter I saw this on the blog of this lady. this is what written on her blog header-

"Ingatlah tidak ada arang batu yang menjadi intan tanpa melalui tekanan demi tekanan. Hidup yang melalui kesukaran dan dugaan adalah untuk menjadikan kita lebih kuat dan lebih memahami orang lain. Cuma hati yang pernah dilapah yang boleh merasa besarnya erti kasih dan sayang sesama manusia"
taken from and credit to: nalin's blog

it got me thinking... a lot more,
I remember what my father said in every single detail yesterday. 
then I started to imagine the things I should have done, what I should started doing and what I should started leaving behind.

then this morning, I had a meeting with my awesome thesis supervisor. He was just telling stories just then about his past.
but in those story telling times, he manage to give his student some advice about life.
he told him how hard it was when he was studying abroad. He mention the struggle he have to face, the challenges he have to withstand the pain he have to endure.
and how all that makes him stronger.
He also mentions that what ever happens, there will always be your family and friends there for you.

I struck me then. I too need to be strong.  
Perhaps this is Allah's way to show me the path of a better muslim.
He is giving me all this signs at my hard time.
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah.

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505 said...

see. no pain no gain. :)