Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How would my life turn out to be if..

I only manage to experience a tiny bit of the life of a normal high school student,
After a few month in a normal everyday school I got an offer to get in a boarding school, and it has always been with the hostel and night and evening preps afterwards.
On other word at the moment I am imagining what would it be like if I wasn't admitted into a boarding school.

What kind of person I would be?

What kind of people I mingle with?

What would I do during my free time?

Ok then let me tell some of the things I remember when I was in Sekolah Menengah Kebagsaan Bandar Tun Razak before the story of MJCS Grik came to life.
perhaps then you could imagine how could my life would have been.

In this school I was placed in the class which we kids call it the 'kelas pertama'
usually this is where they place the clever kids lah
well I was lucky to be placed in the fiorst class only because of the result of the previous UPSR
however I won't consider that as being clever ( because my MATH sucks! )
Since my math usually suck so I usually end up to 'kelas kedua' often. haha

I remember there were only two boys in the class. Myself and my friend Amir Safwan.
The rest are a battalion of girls! ( nevertheless they are good people )
I could only remember some of them though. I couldn't remember them all. I got a really bad memory.

I remember also I was elected as 'Pengawas Media'. I was suppose to set up the PA system during morning or evening assemble.
In truth, I didn't do much at all. While some of my friends were elected as Pengawas with their blue shirt.
I didn't go for it though, I thought pengawas were lame then. hehe

I also recall than I was in the RED house. (Rumah merah) for the sport even.
There was this one kid, same age as me but in different class, way back. ( I was in the first calss, He was in last )
Usually people would label student in the last class as delinquents, but I disagree.
People just don't want to get to know them. Ok back to the kid.
I never knew his name at all. 
One day there were a training session for the red house where they conduct trials to choose their representing athletes. So I went to try my luck.
Unfortunately the teacher mention that form one student cannot participate yet. However we can still do try outs though.
So I went to try out 'lempar lembing'. What to call them in English? Spear throwing(?) or is it skewer throwing(?) hehe.
and this kid showed up to try it too. both of us throw at the same distance. Then I try for 'lempar cakera' (disk throw??), and again the kid also tried too.
Again we both manage to get quiet the same distance ( I was better though )
Pretty much everything I tried, he tried it too.
We were pretty much became rivals after that. hahaha.
Every time he sees me he would make the hand gesture meaning "I'm watching you", then left with a smile.
However this is not the sinister kind of smile or what, it is more like a friendly approach. 
He was trying to make friends.

Unfortunately, I never manage to compete with him again since I transfer schools. I do hope to go against him sometime. and I would really wish I at least knew his name.

In my class I was pretty famous with the girls, what do you expect there were only two boys, and I was the loudest among the two. Oh! I forgot to mention I was also the class monitor. haha.
There is this one girl I remember until now even. 


she is brutal! well when she was form one lah. I was told she is now a more kind and soft person then she used to be. ( how did I know? She told me lah. hehe )
I really like to tease her and my other classmate, and in return they would tease me back ten fold!!
but it was exciting. 
btw, Nuha was one of my closest friend during that time, and she still is now. We still contact each other. She said she could always turn to me to make her laugh when she is down. I am glad I could do that for her. 

Not long after that some boys got transferred into our class from another class.
Thank god! some male friends. The guys that got transferred in my class were all awesome!
However I only manage to spend like a month or so with them.
If I would stay longer I would probably be hanging with them every night after solat maghrib or something. haha

I imagine I would be a complete person if I would never got the offer to go to the boarding school.
I always thought could that life be more exciting. What would I be doing now? Where would I be standing now?

Whatever it could be I know it would be great as long as I am happy. Because being offered into MJSC grik then to MJSC TGB, is a wonderful experience. Which ever path I would take I know it would be a good experience because that is life. Full of unexpected things for us to remember in our old days.


so what is your "How would my life turn out to be if.." moments? 

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