Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am dull

Recently I went out with some old friends from KMM
actually it was yesterday, well what in today's entry, let just say I get to know myself better
so that night I was with Luqmal, A'an and Izzah.
we did a simple meeting in some sort of kedai makan.
so we basically lepak and talk.
perhaps I need to rephrase, they sat there lepak and talking.
Me on the other hand, I stayed quiet most of the time.
I know I am a shy guy, and I know I can be too quiet or too loud at times
but I usually stay silent among people new that I don't know
but the problem is I know Luqmal, I know A'aan, I know Izzah too.
but still I don't know them well that I cannot talk much when I am around them.

. . . . . . 

they talk about all sort of things. but still I cannot let my self join the conversation.
I don't know how and I lack of knowledge. to be honest I don't know a whole lot of things.
and I can assure you the things I know is not interesting at all.

However the three of them seem cool altogether. We were all friends but somehow I felt like a stranger.
Each time I look at them I see them as the cool kids of the school.
well me, I am just a nobody. I had always been that way, an invisible below average student.

They are so cool but I am so dull.

Sorry guys, I was so dull that bight. I am really a boring person ain't I?
haha. Ironic, A'an once told me about some people they tend to only make friends when there are there but stops when it ends. for example if we are friends in school, so when the school end we will no longer contact each other anymore. 
I guess that person a'an told me about was me all along. keh keh.

so boring lah you hafiy

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