Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scumbag reason

The only reason my siblings want be going back home every weekend
is not to spent time with me or they miss me or anything
they just want me to bring back home the new episode of running man every week

bukan best mana pun

Friday, May 18, 2012

Its not the matter of date

Here is a bouquet of flower

I know it's already late, but the hell with the dates and all
I don't need special day to appreciate my mother and fellow educators

but honestly, thank you to my mother father family  friends and teachers
I am who I am now because of them.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am dull

Recently I went out with some old friends from KMM
actually it was yesterday, well what in today's entry, let just say I get to know myself better
so that night I was with Luqmal, A'an and Izzah.
we did a simple meeting in some sort of kedai makan.
so we basically lepak and talk.
perhaps I need to rephrase, they sat there lepak and talking.
Me on the other hand, I stayed quiet most of the time.
I know I am a shy guy, and I know I can be too quiet or too loud at times
but I usually stay silent among people new that I don't know
but the problem is I know Luqmal, I know A'aan, I know Izzah too.
but still I don't know them well that I cannot talk much when I am around them.

. . . . . . 

they talk about all sort of things. but still I cannot let my self join the conversation.
I don't know how and I lack of knowledge. to be honest I don't know a whole lot of things.
and I can assure you the things I know is not interesting at all.

However the three of them seem cool altogether. We were all friends but somehow I felt like a stranger.
Each time I look at them I see them as the cool kids of the school.
well me, I am just a nobody. I had always been that way, an invisible below average student.

They are so cool but I am so dull.

Sorry guys, I was so dull that bight. I am really a boring person ain't I?
haha. Ironic, A'an once told me about some people they tend to only make friends when there are there but stops when it ends. for example if we are friends in school, so when the school end we will no longer contact each other anymore. 
I guess that person a'an told me about was me all along. keh keh.

so boring lah you hafiy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things over matter

memang tak dapat nak di anfikan lah,
semua orang sayang mak bapak bukan.
tapi tak dapat dinafikan ada masa memang kita tak suka pada mereka sekejap.
macam sekarang aku adalah rasa tak puas hati sedikit.
tapi tak adalah sampai benci

aku tahu ini tak sepatutnya ada, tapi penatlah.
penat tahu jadi anak sulung nie
aku dari kecil lagi abah asyik pesan jadi contoh yang baik pada adik-adik
jangan buat itu jangan buat ini
banyak sangat aku mengalah dengan adik-adik sebab ibu abah
banyak impian aku kuburkan sebab ibu abah

Ada sekali abah nak hantar pergi mesir kononnya untuk belajar perubatan
pada masa yang sama adik aku mahu daftar ke kolej swasta.
maklumlah dua-dua kene guna jumlah duit yang banyak.
jadi abah beri aku pilihan nak pergi mesir atau pergi UKM
aku pilih UKM.
Jujur aku cakap, aku memang fikirkan situasi duit abah aku masa itu, tambah lagi situasi adik aku
dan jujur aku kata nie, masa itu aku tipu abah aku.

Aku kata pada abah aku tak minat jadi doktor. aku tipu di situ.

maaflah abah, Bafiy memang terpaksa tipu masa itu. Sebab Bafiy memang nak Abah guna duit tu pada adik daripada hantar Bafiy ke mesir yang guna RM50k satu sem.

Memang sukarlah untuk aku nak fulfill apa abah aku mahu dari aku.
Honestly, I don't even think I can ever fulfill what my father whats me to be.

I don't hate my father, instead I love him a lot. I am just tired being the eldest son. I am just tired of being me.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I need some new stories to come up with. hmm

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kata orang tua-tua

Orang tua-tua dulu kata :

Kalau kata orang lain bodoh, sebenarnya orang yang cakap tu yang BODOH.

that's why kalau aku jumpa gadis manis nanti aku akan cakap pada mereka bahawa mereka cantik, sebenarnya yang cantik itu aku(?!) hahahaha

jadi kalau aku cakap kau baik sebenarnya akulah yang baik, kau jahat! hahaha.


Now remember this : there is always a reason why people started to despise you.

and also keep this in mind : a guy always back up his family and friends, If you messes with their family and friends you are also messing with him.

Take note : guys hate whinny bitch and most of all a hypocrite 

stop being some sort of an eye sore, reflect yourself before you go preaching people of their wrong doing when you are all messed up, full with loose ends everywhere.
Nobody is perfect, and a good person never go on go bragging and says they are a good person.

When you do that you are actually a Bitch. sorry to say it's true.