Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friends to someone and anyone

When you became friends with someone or anyone,
you want the friend to ask for help from you
seek advice from you
you wanted them to tell you things, share their problems with you,
it is normal to feel that way in order to feel needed as a friend
Sometimes telling them problems might not make the problem go away
but at least you have someone to tell, and as a friend, they are glad to hear you out

being friends
doesn't mean that you only moments of laughter together
but also the dark moments too
being a friend is wanting to reach out your hand for you friend in times of need
sometimes things doesn't work out, but that doesn't mean they wanted to throw away being friends with you
so don't ever stop being a friend

Same goes to myself.
I wanted my friends to seek for my help even if I might not be a big help
I wanted my friends to tell me things even at times I don't understand what happen 
I wanted to reach my hands out for them even when I can,t see through the dark myself.
I wanted to be friend to you, even if you doesn't see me as your friend.
and I wanted to feel like your friend.

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