Monday, April 16, 2012

Another phone mishap well almost.

On this same day last two weeks I lost something precious to me
well you might have guess it, I lost my phone to a shit hole, literally.
To be honest I still miss the old nokia express music 5800 of mine.

But today another event turn out panicking me like nuts!
After lab session ends I went straight back to college to have lunch.
So when I arrive I wanted to call my friends out for lunch with me so I reach out for my phone.
In my pocket, In the bag, In lab coat's pocket, under the car seat, I seek everywhere and every part of my body and car.
Still nothing. then I realize I lost my phone again.

Trying to keep my cool so I retrace my steps.
I came into conclusion that perhaps I left it somewhere in lab.
So I went back to the lab just to found nothing.


I just lost my phone two weeks ago, and now it is happening again.
So I rush to a friend's room in the nearest college. Fakhruddin's room to be exact.
Banging the door like crazy just to ask for his phone.

I started dialing my number.
and alhamdulillah someone pick up!
It was Fatimah, a colleague of mine. She have my phone.

Well that is all. pretty boring though, just I seems so stupid when I lost my phone.
I guess if you were to see my face back then, perhaps then this would be more interesting.

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