Monday, April 16, 2012

Another phone mishap well almost.

On this same day last two weeks I lost something precious to me
well you might have guess it, I lost my phone to a shit hole, literally.
To be honest I still miss the old nokia express music 5800 of mine.

But today another event turn out panicking me like nuts!
After lab session ends I went straight back to college to have lunch.
So when I arrive I wanted to call my friends out for lunch with me so I reach out for my phone.
In my pocket, In the bag, In lab coat's pocket, under the car seat, I seek everywhere and every part of my body and car.
Still nothing. then I realize I lost my phone again.

Trying to keep my cool so I retrace my steps.
I came into conclusion that perhaps I left it somewhere in lab.
So I went back to the lab just to found nothing.


I just lost my phone two weeks ago, and now it is happening again.
So I rush to a friend's room in the nearest college. Fakhruddin's room to be exact.
Banging the door like crazy just to ask for his phone.

I started dialing my number.
and alhamdulillah someone pick up!
It was Fatimah, a colleague of mine. She have my phone.

Well that is all. pretty boring though, just I seems so stupid when I lost my phone.
I guess if you were to see my face back then, perhaps then this would be more interesting.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friends to someone and anyone

When you became friends with someone or anyone,
you want the friend to ask for help from you
seek advice from you
you wanted them to tell you things, share their problems with you,
it is normal to feel that way in order to feel needed as a friend
Sometimes telling them problems might not make the problem go away
but at least you have someone to tell, and as a friend, they are glad to hear you out

being friends
doesn't mean that you only moments of laughter together
but also the dark moments too
being a friend is wanting to reach out your hand for you friend in times of need
sometimes things doesn't work out, but that doesn't mean they wanted to throw away being friends with you
so don't ever stop being a friend

Same goes to myself.
I wanted my friends to seek for my help even if I might not be a big help
I wanted my friends to tell me things even at times I don't understand what happen 
I wanted to reach my hands out for them even when I can,t see through the dark myself.
I wanted to be friend to you, even if you doesn't see me as your friend.
and I wanted to feel like your friend.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I Sea!

I be damned!
I really love the sea!
However I do not choose to take bath in it.
If it was years ago perhaps I will when the sea was clean and all.
But now no. but still I love the sea.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bye Bye Me love

They say if yesterday was a bad day, 
there will always be something good tomorrow.
the green is always greener on the other side

well guess what happen to me today when yesterday was so hectic for me
some miracle happen today morning!
yes something really happen!


what a day full of crap. literally.

I am crying inside. Years of precious memories lost with the phone.
drown in a sea full of stool and droppings.


feel free to laugh, I laugh myself out after I realised what happened. haha