Thursday, January 12, 2012

REWIND : Bring back memories!

I didn't not manage to make a caption of all,
there is a total of 87 picture and there are still some more though
enjoy peeking back to our past :D

irah and anje <3


these are my fellow junior, well bukan jauh sangat beza umur, jadi we are more like friends

my junior, wan

yang cantik itu cikgu Salwa

afiq belalang. haha

they are both good buddies till now :)

except for ainn these are jiran kelas sebelah 517


ok I was sweating that time.

ini nasir

acap and hasif

itu bukan nasir, itu syaaban

nana, my friend since gerik

ini ann.bijak dia ni




this is just path from block to class

muadz : shazmeer

partition mates. haha

come on, smile lah guys

518 with Cikgu Siti 

afiqah is the girl and the one behind is Naqi

serious hensem! haha

these are my beautiful classmates

na'em and hafiz

on my right rasyid and left ezy

Ainn( btw I lost that bag..huhu)

budak seni visual


whiteCASTLE said...


i miss old times..really..!!

p/s: i look so fat..!!!

hahaha..macam la skrg x kn..ngegege :D

mr. weird said...

wah...so sweet..aq nmpk nabil in one of those pic..hehheheee...

Hafiy Halim said...

haha. sarah you cun kot dulu sampai sekarang :D

amirul : taniah! big applause! haha

ipan said...

seronoknya tengok aku kurus time ni. ohhhhhh :'D

Hafiy Halim said...

ipan, anda mengaku anda gemok sekarang! yeah!

daYahmcCartney said...

happy tgok gamba ni esp sbb ade my ex-roomate wlaupon my klas jaoh.huhu. reminiscence mood: ON.