Wednesday, January 4, 2012


this is what I ask Azeem just now regarding our studies

I told Azeem that I just started studying( one day before exam )

he replied 

"Haha. Good luck with that. Aku malas nak study. Tak mahu pergi exam boleh tak eh?"

you may see it like this kid is totally pemalas right?
but truth is there is more..

Then I told him that we have some tutorial to be done and pass up

he replied again

"aku da buat kedua-dua tutorial. Dah siap. Aku e-mail kau tutorial gene aku nanti. tutorial Biometri aku ada pada Elly"

now you can make a judgement.

this is the difference between a person who have already started studying and already finished with a person who just about to started studying

Azeem Azman, you have my full respect in this! 

*saya rasa sungguh malu sekarang

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