Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Day of 2012

Here is what I have accomplished as new years arrived,

let's skip the part I have trouble sleeping at 12 with all the explosive fireworks. haha

the very morning of 2012, I woke up and played this game called Bop it!

it's a puzzle sort of game, where it will give out instruction and you should do as said in a given time(which is very short time!). it's an addictive game. it have 4 level, you must accomplish 100 wins before you can forward to the next level.
but on the first day of new year I manage to complete all level by myself! (proud)
and I can't stop annoy my siblings after. haha. 

In the afternoon, I went for an outing with all my siblings.
so we spent some quality time with brothers and sister. it is only a trip to Jaya Jusco, but it was fun.
we watch movies together and buy ourselves loads of food to accompany us in the movies. we ate two large portion popcorn! man it was huge. I'm even got sick just looking at popcorn after that short while. hehe
it's good to have some time with family, you don't usually have time for that though.

then after night falls, my mom and I we prepare something special.
my dad bought this cow's ribs, hoping for my brother, Huzir who claimed that he wanted to become a chef, to cook the meat. but instead the one cooking it was me and my mom. haha. 
and it turn out pretty well although its the first time we both try grilling the ribs using an oven instead of a barbecue grill.

so it's been a good start for the first day of 2012.
but I got to admit, I like having all this time having fun and relax, but I freaking have an exam just around the corner! and I tell you, I haven't studied much at all. and that's is not joke. I seriously dead meat. i wanted to study but I am too damn lazy.
aiyooo.. haha. 

that's what you get when you have exams around the corner huh?
and I swear I know my peeps studied a lot more than I did,

what a way to start the new years with exams huh?

again happy new years peeps!

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