Saturday, January 28, 2012

tweet tweet

I just started having a twitter account of my own
I am still dumbstruck with Twitter
but feel free to follow me

search for PaperHafiy, that would do the trick 

or just simply follow this link. :D


a person owning a blog we call them as a blogger, but if a person own a twitter account..does they call tehmselves as a TWITTERTER??

Monday, January 23, 2012


I in Terengganu at the moment, and staying for four days break with my family. Off to make sand castle and swimming with the fishes

Friday, January 20, 2012


I am telling you this now because I just need to let it out

my heart ache so badly

I cannot say it's either regret or guilt or maybe both blended together

Exam Siap!

alhamdulillah selesai juga peperiksaan aku
moga-moga elok juga la result nanti

yang penting aku sudah boleh rehat,
put things aside and just forget about my problems and just be at home
and just relax

Thursday, January 19, 2012


sebenarnya aku tak minat dengar bila orang kata

" korang dua memang sesuai kawan ar!"

biar betul kau nie? part mana kau nampak sesuai? aku tak nampak weyh! aku tak nampak!
sebab apa kau nampak lain sama dengan apa aku nampak

mungkin sebab aku bodoh, sebab itu aku tak nampak
maaf tapi hati aku sakit dan kecewa bila dengar kau cakap begitu,
bukan salah kau pun sebenarnya, salah aku

jadi aku minta maaf

Kau kata kawan tapi aku rasa bukan

tajuk melayu entry English campur2 ok

"..aku boleh ada untuk bila orang perlu dan aku boleh hilang bila tak diperlukan.."

I remember you saying that but I also remember you said something like this before that,

"..if you need a friend, elsewhere but not here.."

I really don't get that actually it is two opposite things.
I thought about this over and over again, and I guess I am making the decision step by step
even if it means to bare regrets for my whole life

I also remember you said I was bias with people
to be honest with you, 

aku bukan orang yang pandai bergaul

I may seem like all friendly at time but most of the time I just stood at the back in silence
I was never good with people and I still am.
so I was not being bias it is just I don't know how to speak or to please you.

you and I are in a completely different league, where you are the top I am much more less than dirt.
how can I compete and make myself as much the same?

I really have nothing to offer or to give to any of my friends especially you but when I do find something that manage to make you happy, "bedebar dan berbunga at the same time", that really excite me when I got to know there is something I can do at least to make you feel that way.
but most of the times my ways are way to off and landed me in such bad position.

I would really like it if you could see me as a friend and treat me as you treat your other friends
I am not asking you to make space for me to be close to you
I am asking you to treat me like a friend, but I never see that happening.
what I see is, the way you treat other people is way more friend-like
yes and to be honest I am jealous of that, but perhaps what I wish for to too much

" aku terkilan bila ada orang nak putuskan perhubungan"

well this is not one of that, this is more like you said, disappearing when you are not needed
aku sendiri terkilan dengan apa aku cuba buat
but ask yourself this, in these couple years are we really what they called friends? or just someone you meet at the streets? Because I keep asking myself that a lot, and the answer never came, just oblivion 

I never finished reading the last book you lend me. because that time you ask me to stop, and so I stop reading.

did you know we never had much memories as friends? did you know that we only took picture together twice but with other friends in it not the two of us together even once?

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I got nothing important to say in particular
but I am having stiffness on my neck so I can't completely turn my head leftward
and it is driving me nuts! 
and I am suppose to study for my exams too.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

REWIND : Bring back memories!

I didn't not manage to make a caption of all,
there is a total of 87 picture and there are still some more though
enjoy peeking back to our past :D

irah and anje <3


these are my fellow junior, well bukan jauh sangat beza umur, jadi we are more like friends

my junior, wan

yang cantik itu cikgu Salwa

afiq belalang. haha

they are both good buddies till now :)

except for ainn these are jiran kelas sebelah 517


ok I was sweating that time.

ini nasir

acap and hasif

itu bukan nasir, itu syaaban

nana, my friend since gerik

ini ann.bijak dia ni




this is just path from block to class

muadz : shazmeer

partition mates. haha

come on, smile lah guys

518 with Cikgu Siti 

afiqah is the girl and the one behind is Naqi

serious hensem! haha

these are my beautiful classmates

na'em and hafiz

on my right rasyid and left ezy

Ainn( btw I lost that bag..huhu)

budak seni visual