Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Birthday

I forgot to mention this,
During my last birthday when I reached 20 years old
I got celebrated after so long by my family including my auntie
I don't remember when the last time I got a cake to celebrate my birthday, but I'm sure it was long long time ago.
Usually people got one cake to celebrate their birthday, but that time was special because I received 3 cakes that time!

to be honest I am not the type to really care of my own birthday, but I have to admit it felt nice to have a candle sticking from a cake waiting for you to blow the fire out of it.
it is nice to feel appreciated and to feel you really exist now. 
and to add more of that I usually conceal my birthday from the people around me, so I usually avoid putting my birthday out in facebook blog or mostly anything if possible.

that is just how I am. haha. guess you can say I am a weird kid.

nevertheless I would like to thank everyone for wishing and celebrating my last birthday especially to my family and peeps. Thank You very much. I love all of you from the bottom of my heart and always will.

p/s: so far my birthdays fall the same day as the holidays, so my peeps usually didn't notice. hehe

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Hafiy Halim said...

hebat benar cik 505 ini. hahaha.