Friday, October 28, 2011

A word of advice

Make sure not to be too nice to other

they tend to be ungrateful, they simply don't appreciate you,

instead they may just see you as a tool just for their selfish gains

Don't argue with them,

they tend to dig up old stories just to take you down,

even then they still don't think of your welfare but only their own

Life contain some nasty people at hearts mask with such innocent and purity.
so be careful who you befriend with. As my dad keep telling me, choose you friend accordingly.
pick the one who could lead you to the right path, avoid the people who might corrupt your life.
You should bare much patience, if you still intend to befriend such people.
and a strong heart. 


505 said...

just be yourself and believe in what you are doing. no need to be too negative. and remember to smile. you look good when you're smiling. and everyone does. :)

Hafiy Halim said...

errr.. thank you :D