Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simply Foreign

This is what happen when you don't pay attention in class :

there is a new teacher in class, a foreign perhaps, because obviously he is not Melayu 

Teacher : can anyone tell me the 'tutal'?

Student : huhhhh????

Teacher : can anyone tell me the 'tutal'???

Student : WHAT??!! We ain't seeing no turtle!

*actually the teacher wanted to say total but let just say his English is influenced to much by his own accent

Teacher : Do no one have seen a rice plant??


505 said...

hah. imazine.

Hafiy Halim said...

hey thanks 505!
hope u enjoyed that :D
can I know how is actually this sweet 505?? hehehe

505 said...

hohohohoh. orang yang tak penting. :)

Hafiy Halim said...

eh jgn fikir begitu.
semua orang ada kepentingan sendiri

that's why you were born and alive today. so this make you important

and also it is important for me to know you so I can show my gratitude properly :D

505 said...

haha. Cari la dalam kelas. But you don't have to.
*senyum, tak perlu kata apa2