Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am being a bit sentimental at the moment.

I have a conversation with a friend, we talks about many things, and at some point we got a bit nostalgic about our past.
So digging up memories and spill them up as stories.
It was fun but somehow when the story came back to us, about  how we knew each other,
It seems that only I remembered the whole story clearly.
I won't blame anyone when other people have loads more things to remember so it's okay to forget is it?

but I am just a bit offended when you can remember about someone else but forget about me.
nevertheless that is life, we can expect our wishes to be fulfilled all the time.

So I accept that fate of mine.but no need to worry, I am okay and fine.
for a piece of happiness there is always a high price to pay.


Anonymous said...


Hafiy Halim said...

eh? gerangan siapa anonymous nie? please leave your name. or it will be forever a mystery

Anonymous said...

let it be then,

Hafiy Halim said...

whoa! x buleh! x tenang aku nnt

Anonymous said...

you know how to calm yourself

Hafiy Halim said...

alar, jgn gini, beritahu larr