Monday, October 31, 2011

Gags : rama-rama terbang sana sini

Aku sedang duduk-duduk di meja sewaktu kenduri bersama ibu dan adik beradik waktu ini dan kami kelihatan seekor rama-rama flying by, tiba-tiba datang buah fikiran :

Orang dulu-dulu kata kalau ada rama-rama masuk rumah,

itu petanda ada orang atau tetamu mahu datang ke rumah

tetapi, apa akan jadi kalau...

rama-rama masuk rumah, terbang sana-sini sekali terlanggar kipas lalu mati?

kira itu petandanya ada tetamu datang dan merayap di rumah kau akan mati gitu?









Heart Content

Its okay not to spill your hearts out.

some things are not meant to be shared, and some just fill better kept alone to only yourself

so don't feel bad about it. It is your choice after all.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A word of advice

Make sure not to be too nice to other

they tend to be ungrateful, they simply don't appreciate you,

instead they may just see you as a tool just for their selfish gains

Don't argue with them,

they tend to dig up old stories just to take you down,

even then they still don't think of your welfare but only their own

Life contain some nasty people at hearts mask with such innocent and purity.
so be careful who you befriend with. As my dad keep telling me, choose you friend accordingly.
pick the one who could lead you to the right path, avoid the people who might corrupt your life.
You should bare much patience, if you still intend to befriend such people.
and a strong heart. 

The dark knight

The only thing I like about Batman is that he is.....

freakin' shit rich!

pergh! sunggkit! hebat benar kau!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kids...( shake head )

I like kids 
That is true
but I only like the one that are well mannered good and friendly
not to mention cute! (that is not a real factor)

but there are some kids I despise
like the one who give a shitty attitude!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

25 Things Random Giveaway by Penmerah.com

anigif penmerah anigif penmerah

saya nampak Fadzlina buat ini jadi saya ikut sahaja
sebab tak pernah buat, cuba la sekali sekala. he he :D

oh! saya kene tag orang ler :

doodle pun nak?? ahaks

jom ler join. hehe
klik jer banner nanti

The sky bursting colours

I do not carry much of these happy memories inside me
there not much amazing stories to be told from me
nothing out of the extraordinary nor tremendous either 
just plain and average

but tonight I manage to add one more piece of memory
perhaps it ain't much for other people but it does meant a lot for me
I was able to see a glimpse of happiness and feel a scrap of amazement

I was able to see fireworks.
I was able to see them launch directly in front of me in close distance
It was a remarkable sight
My heart felt a bit elevated from the outstanding scene

Thank you for the gift.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

gila cuak!

Orang kata aku bijak dalam bahasa inggeris 
dan hebat bebicara dalam bahasa asing itu juga
tapi sebenarnya tidak, kerana hari ini aku ada mock interview, 
dan aku bagai nak gila kene panic attack

A word of acknowledgement

Every human want that, acknowledgement.
may it be just a bit or a big one. everyone has it, so do not expect to lie to me you have none

let me justify, acknowledgement can be anything from a simple thank you to a street named after you.
it could be anything really, acknowledgement can come in many form, a pat in the head, a kiss on the cheek, a tender hug, even a comforting smile.

everything we did even if we tell the people that we are doing everything without anything in return, 
but truthfully we earn for some acknowledgement. A smile would be enough.
We seek others acknowledgement in order just to fell alive. Just to fell a bit appreciated and special.

This also imply to myself. Since I was a kid I always wanted to capture my father's attention, I am not a bright kid so gaining such attention is kinda bothersome but instead I always end up capturing his attention with making him angry *giggle*
let truth be told even when I am all grown up I still look up to my dad, and earn for his acknowledgement : 

a pat in the head. 

That would be enough. no other material in the world can replace the feeling when I have a pat in the head from my father.

and one more from a friend, he may not know that I truly care for him, and perhaps he don't even bother what would happen to me if anythings ever happen. It is possible he won't even remember me some point in time.
but yet I always seek for some approval. To be honest I don't really know what I am expecting, perhaps for just him accept me and acknowledge me a friend till the end not just someone he knows during his time in University or what so ever.

but yet, 

"don't expect you can make everyone to like you. Don't expect you can force them to be your friend"
like what he said. I can't expect anything for nothing

So people, when you did something for a friend, your siblings, parents, cousins, aunts and uncle, give them your acknowledgement for them.

the very least leave them your beautiful smile. 


Talking Machine!

Ini entry ke tiga dalam masa kurang dari 1 jam hari ini.
ini kira sahaja nak cakap-cakpa sikit.
aku ada banyak mahu cerita, bukan luah, kerana aku tidak suka beritahu masalah aku pada orang lain
instead aku becerita.
tak kisah la cerita apa, aku buleh cakap non-stop dari satu topik ke satu topik yang lain

cuma masalahnya aku tiada kawan yang sanggup dengar celoteh aku sedemikian.
ada sahaja kawan, tapi kawan untuk luangkan quality time.. entahlah ada ke tidak aku nie

aku patut bela pet dan kemudian becerita pada beliau setiap hari,
biarpun orang kata aku gila, asalkan aku tidak kacau hidup kau.


I am being a bit sentimental at the moment.

I have a conversation with a friend, we talks about many things, and at some point we got a bit nostalgic about our past.
So digging up memories and spill them up as stories.
It was fun but somehow when the story came back to us, about  how we knew each other,
It seems that only I remembered the whole story clearly.
I won't blame anyone when other people have loads more things to remember so it's okay to forget is it?

but I am just a bit offended when you can remember about someone else but forget about me.
nevertheless that is life, we can expect our wishes to be fulfilled all the time.

So I accept that fate of mine.but no need to worry, I am okay and fine.
for a piece of happiness there is always a high price to pay.

Jangan Janji

Manusia ini suka buat janji mereka belum pasti boleh simpan.

Susah ya nak jujur pada diri dan orang lain?

Bila janji tidak dapat ditunaikan, akan ada yang bersedih.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Less Lor

Nak tahu kenapa aku tidak ada kekasih?

Ini sebabnya :

Mula-mula, tak laku barangkali, maklum la tidak kacak, tiada berduit, pandai pun tidak la sangat

kemudia, orang kata aku jual mahal(?!)

lepas itu mungkin kerana aku pemalu dan juga kekok bila mahu berinteraksi dengan orang asing dan tidak berapa kenal

ada pula mungkin sebab aku malas

tapi yang aku pasti, aku tidak berkekasih sebab aku simpan rasa sayang dan cinta ini kepada bakal isteri ku di masa hadapan.

tunggu bila sudah bekerjaya, berumah, bekereta dan bila mampu baru fikir pasal cinta dan kahwin, buat masa sekarang biar lah.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Simply Foreign

This is what happen when you don't pay attention in class :

there is a new teacher in class, a foreign perhaps, because obviously he is not Melayu 

Teacher : can anyone tell me the 'tutal'?

Student : huhhhh????

Teacher : can anyone tell me the 'tutal'???

Student : WHAT??!! We ain't seeing no turtle!

*actually the teacher wanted to say total but let just say his English is influenced to much by his own accent

Teacher : Do no one have seen a rice plant??

Friday, October 7, 2011

one to many

Untung laa  orang ada seorang kawan baik, 

aku tiada seorang kawan baik, aku ada banyak saja

Snowed Deep Under

I have my work cut out for the whole semester. Thus the lack of attention to somethings.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Delighted story from behind(?)

observe and analyse the picture carefully : what can you see? make a summary not more than 250 words! cewah!! this is not an exam or some sort lah, haha. those days are long left behind.

but in today's blogging associate big time with the picture!

NO! it got nothing to do with colour of shirts they are wearing (including me)

NO! it is not why people are like interested with something that they crowded the one place

NO! it is not even the flocking of girls near me

NO! it is not related to the venue and time!

here is a hint : one word associated with no one and a twin 'S'

get it??

YES! the key word is 'ass'!

excuse me, but I don't mean to be vulgar or anything, if someone is offended I apologize in advance
( but I am about to talk about myself, so why am I apologizing to you? haha )

as you can already see in the picture, it seem I got a hell of an ass! haha!
it is so weird to talk about your own buttocks in public blog, but this I think I like to share.
when people say nobody's perfect this imply to myself too.
As you can see in the picture, my imperfection may lead to my buttocks
I mean, look at it, it is above normal! 

I got tease a lot by people : friends at school even family
Yup! one of my uncle love to bring that up a lot, and would infect such nasty sarcasm to me when I was a kid
when you were a kid, teasing can demoralize you, and could even effect a kids attitude and even disturb them mentally
I use to hate myself when people talk like that, I even thought of nasty things back them, but alhamdulillah never done any of them
but I am grateful, because in my own small family, they never ever bring that up. they love me just the way I am

I sometimes wondered why am I created like this, perhaps  there is a reason to all this
so I stop worrying about how I look and just accept what people have to say
hence if you knew me, you can even see me make a joke about my own ass
and I won't say a word of protest when people mock me of my butt

I heard people with big ass have even bigger heart!
I guess when you have one weakness, you also gain strength in something else too.
( I think I have wrote something about this before :D )
plus one known advantage of having a hell of an ass : I got extra cushion when I sat. hee hee

anyone know what other benefit of bearing such big ass? haha

so in today's blogging I am trying you guys to 
accept who you are and embrace your own quality and to be grateful in every way you can

no matter if you have a big butt, to tall, to skinny, to short, to fat or what so ever, don't let people drag you down just because they say you are weird : keep in mind that these people who teases you can't dare to accept their own weakness that's why they act like that.

chin up, and walk proud!

"because this one hell of a SEXY ass. don't you agree? "