Friday, September 23, 2011

Setting our Future

the future so far yet so near,

sorry this is not a time to be poetic or what so ever, plus I'm not that good in creative sophisticated writting
so just casual writing will do

recently I got news about my peeps going further to adulthood.
I was really astonished when I heard the story that they are going to have a fiance' or getting married.
and just this recently, I already have a hold to one of my friend's wedding invitation 
the world evolve around us so fast. It feel just like yesterday when we were all playing silly jokes and do stupid things together, and the next thing you know, all your friends are growing up and you feel that you are the only one with a child heart ( well that is specifically for me since I am still too childish )

nevertheless these stories from close friends about their leap into having a family still excites me.
I'm in a stage that I can just burst into sparks of colours. yes it's that amazing of a feeling.
when you love a friend and care a lot about them and when you have shared so much when you receive even small news about them is enough to make you jumped of happiness.
then again this is a HUGE story! so you can't imagine how excited I am. 
my friend even said at some point I am more excited than them. haha

but what so ever, when I heard such news, a small voice in my hearts also feels to be doing the same.
to get married, have a wife I love, and kids running all over the house like crazy.

so it seems our single life won't be single for long. Travelling from a book of life towards book of love then reaching for the family book or even a family album  

my excitement is still intact with me, I don't think it will go away for sometime soon. 

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