Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Judging plaese stop

Sometimes good intention come with a price to pay

and sometimes what you think you're doing good is actually not good at all.

let's all be honest, every people have life nurtured for them through family, friends and their surroundings,
same goes for me, I been thought so many things since I was a lad that I got stuck doing it so even if it seem un-witty or what so ever.
I don't act like most people do, that's why sometimes people see me as to nice of a person. I am trying to adapt to the life they say I am not capable of, to the world that seem so alien to me. and that is really difficult.

I can't easily do things other teenager( is that valid at my age? ) do, mingle with friends and be back late at night, go to concert or gigs, sneak out of the house, smoke some cigarette, and much much more.
because I have been thought to keep check of my attitude and manners no matter where I am
my parents thought me to respect others and to always be good and behave. I should ask permission to them if I wanted to do something. I was even ask to chose my friends accordingly. 

there are many things I do not know and haven't done in the world yet. I haven't work as a part timer yet, that is because I still haven't got the chance to do it so. I wanted to buy something expensive using my own money for change not my father's. 

oh! and I never ever officially have a girlfriend! yes this is true. because when I try to made one, I keep on remembering that my parents send me to study first not to find love. but nevertheless love somehow can find you, ain't that right? haha. 

Other than that! I don't look as you would expect me too. Some of my friends still think that I am wealthy kid but the fact is I am not. The money belongs to my father and not me, he's the one paying my fees and allowance for food and books. I AM NOT RICH! thus, I can't buy those expensive things like what you guys said. My father won't bother to buy me those things without a specific reasons. I usually have to have good grades in other to get the things I want as prize of my good achievement. But I would never can ask my father just to give me things so easily like you claim. My father still have to support my other siblings not just me. 

So please, stop judging me as a wealthy kid. because I am not, I can't easily snap my finger and demand for the thing I want so easily to appear before me as you claimed. That is totally wrong.

sorry but the content of my blogging today seem to be a mess, its like I have so may things to say but I can't just express it through word perfectly. I have so much more to say. but I'll hold for a while and arrange my word accordingly first, then I post again.

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