Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Judging plaese stop

Sometimes good intention come with a price to pay

and sometimes what you think you're doing good is actually not good at all.

let's all be honest, every people have life nurtured for them through family, friends and their surroundings,
same goes for me, I been thought so many things since I was a lad that I got stuck doing it so even if it seem un-witty or what so ever.
I don't act like most people do, that's why sometimes people see me as to nice of a person. I am trying to adapt to the life they say I am not capable of, to the world that seem so alien to me. and that is really difficult.

I can't easily do things other teenager( is that valid at my age? ) do, mingle with friends and be back late at night, go to concert or gigs, sneak out of the house, smoke some cigarette, and much much more.
because I have been thought to keep check of my attitude and manners no matter where I am
my parents thought me to respect others and to always be good and behave. I should ask permission to them if I wanted to do something. I was even ask to chose my friends accordingly. 

there are many things I do not know and haven't done in the world yet. I haven't work as a part timer yet, that is because I still haven't got the chance to do it so. I wanted to buy something expensive using my own money for change not my father's. 

oh! and I never ever officially have a girlfriend! yes this is true. because when I try to made one, I keep on remembering that my parents send me to study first not to find love. but nevertheless love somehow can find you, ain't that right? haha. 

Other than that! I don't look as you would expect me too. Some of my friends still think that I am wealthy kid but the fact is I am not. The money belongs to my father and not me, he's the one paying my fees and allowance for food and books. I AM NOT RICH! thus, I can't buy those expensive things like what you guys said. My father won't bother to buy me those things without a specific reasons. I usually have to have good grades in other to get the things I want as prize of my good achievement. But I would never can ask my father just to give me things so easily like you claim. My father still have to support my other siblings not just me. 

So please, stop judging me as a wealthy kid. because I am not, I can't easily snap my finger and demand for the thing I want so easily to appear before me as you claimed. That is totally wrong.

sorry but the content of my blogging today seem to be a mess, its like I have so may things to say but I can't just express it through word perfectly. I have so much more to say. but I'll hold for a while and arrange my word accordingly first, then I post again.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keep it down

I am a kid full of life expectation

sometimes being too full with it may lead you to hate of this world

so I'll keep it to a minimum now

Friday, September 23, 2011

Setting our Future

the future so far yet so near,

sorry this is not a time to be poetic or what so ever, plus I'm not that good in creative sophisticated writting
so just casual writing will do

recently I got news about my peeps going further to adulthood.
I was really astonished when I heard the story that they are going to have a fiance' or getting married.
and just this recently, I already have a hold to one of my friend's wedding invitation 
the world evolve around us so fast. It feel just like yesterday when we were all playing silly jokes and do stupid things together, and the next thing you know, all your friends are growing up and you feel that you are the only one with a child heart ( well that is specifically for me since I am still too childish )

nevertheless these stories from close friends about their leap into having a family still excites me.
I'm in a stage that I can just burst into sparks of colours. yes it's that amazing of a feeling.
when you love a friend and care a lot about them and when you have shared so much when you receive even small news about them is enough to make you jumped of happiness.
then again this is a HUGE story! so you can't imagine how excited I am. 
my friend even said at some point I am more excited than them. haha

but what so ever, when I heard such news, a small voice in my hearts also feels to be doing the same.
to get married, have a wife I love, and kids running all over the house like crazy.

so it seems our single life won't be single for long. Travelling from a book of life towards book of love then reaching for the family book or even a family album  

my excitement is still intact with me, I don't think it will go away for sometime soon. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


Ini merupakan cerita dari seorang rakan yang baik hati berkongsi pengalaman beliau ;

kali ini cerita dalam bahasa melayu pula ya?

cerita beliau bermula macam ini, sewaktu cuti habis semester Universiti selama empat bulan
beliau telah mengambil kesempatan untuk menambahkan duit poket dengan melakukan kerja sementara atau kerja sambilan
(saya percaya beliau kerja bersama dengan bapa beliau, mungkin itu apa yang saya andaikan)

pada suatu hari selepas selesai kerja, beliau mahu pulang ke rumah
dan saya percaya beliau pulang dengan menunggang motor berjenama EX5 beliau

untuk di teruskan cerita pada hari itu ada lah polis lakukan sekatan jalan raya
atau bahasa biasa 'road block'
dan kawan saya ini di tahan oleh seorang polis yang agak kelihatan bengis dan serius

" eh berhenti berhenti!! " jerit si polis

kawan ini akur atas arahan tuan polis dan terus berhenti untuk di periksa

" bawa keluar passport dengan lesen!! " arah tuan polis

ya! beliau minta passport. kawan saya itu sudah keliru pada masa itu akan tetapi menyeluk seluar dan membawa keluar dompet. 
lantas beliau keluarkan kad pengenalan orang bumiputra Malaysia yang bewarna biru yang kita semua sekian maklum

" lahh! orang sini ke? bukan orang pakistan ke? " ujar polis malu

polis dapat lihat serba sedikit isi dompet kawan saya ini dan ternampak kad pelajar beliau lalu berkata lagi 

" itu bukan kad antarabangsa kamu ke? "

sesungguhnya rakan saya ini sememangnya warga Malaysia sejak lahir
akan tetapi kelihatan agak berbeza dari melayu biasa mungkin kerana ketinggian beliau dan warna kulit yang cerah

cerita ini datang dari insan bernama Syafiq Mustafa . terima kasih saya ucapkan pada beliau.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raya '11

sudah la lama tak kemas kini blog lepas itu langsung tidak ucap selamat hari raya kan
di sebabkan itu saya dengan suka ria riang gembiranya mahu ucap ;


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Tribute for our beloved

This entry is special and as for tribute to my deceased grandmother who pass away on 28th of August 2011

*First of all I don't mean to have such solemn sorrow and sad entry on this. 
because I accept what had happen to us. Redha with Allah decision. and for every living soul also will meet its end eventually same goes to me.
and this entry is just for memorial sake : if I would have forgotten about this, at least I could recall it by reading this entry*

I been living with nenek since as long as I can remember, she raise me up and took care of me and my siblings when both our parents are off to work. During that time atuk was still around too.
Abah and Ibu would send us off to nenek's house in the morning and usually pick us up after maghrib
that is normally our routine nearly everyday except weekends

Even when we started school the routine still maintain the same through out the years. A simple life as it is.
the best part of living in nenek's place is there is a playground directly in front of the house. So we played a lot there after school. we usually play until it almost dark and sometimes only come back home after we heard the call for prayer. I have many friends when I was a kid. all about my age and were grand children and children of the neighbours in the area. the people there are pretty close and friendly.

me and my siblings would really get excited during rainy days, that the time we got to chance to 'mandi' and get soaked to the skin under the pouring rain. but as expected, parents would not allow their kids to do such a thing. but atuk and nenek would allow us to do just that even if its once in a while. but under one condition, we should quickly get to shower after that. we don't want to catch a cold so that what we were thought

since we were kids when we stayed with our grandparents, we should always inform our parents what we want to do before hand. in other word we need a permit to do some stuff. there 'pasar tani' or wet market near nenek's house but we need to cross the road to get there. it isn't that far but still we still need to ask abah if we can go there. nenek usually ask us kids to buy some groceries there. and atuk usually give us the extra money for us to spend. we usually spend it on toy boxes where you would recieve random toys and some candies inside that. atuk is very nice to us and had always give us the extra pocket money even if it is actually 20 cent.

the bottom line is my childhood with atuk and nenek is full of joy and bliss.

I stop living with nenek when I started boarding school in form one or 7 grade in american term haha.
nevetheless on school holidays I always make sure I got the chance to pay a visit. there are to much memories if I were to keep on sharing. it would be a long journey story of volumes of volumes of story books. but I will keep it short by telling some of it;

so I remember I got into a fight with some kid, to be frank I am not the aggresive kind of lad. some may say I am too kind hearted (whatever that means) so in the quarrel the kid throw a large bunk of wood at me. I guess it was as hard as rock and as solid as steel, that when it hit my forehead and I instantly fell and found myself bleeding on the ground. the kid ran of course out of fright. I went back home crying for the pain. nenek saw blood oozing down all over my face and immediately call atuk. atuk came in a rush and quickly lift me up to take me to the nearby clinic. I remember we walked our way there and it was quite far. but still atuk walked there carrying me. I got some stitches from the doctor. and the a lifetime scar to remind me how my atuk carry me all the way to the clinic just to tend my wounds

have you ever had buah sukun before? do you even know such a fruit exist? do you konow you can cook and eat them too? if you have no clue what it this sukun, don't worry it's just a fruit. Nenek is the one show me what buah sukun is. she as me to pluck it with a long stick specialize in plucking fruits in tall trees. it wasn't as easy as it seem but I manage to get a hang of it and got many of these fruits
nenek was happy to have these fruit, at first I wonder why, but the I figure it must be it was the fruit from a tree planted by atuk in the small orchid and plus the orchid is the most precious place for atuk when he was alive. and since atuk was not there at the time nenek must really miss him. she made kuah masak lemak with the sukun. and I never thought that it would taste good. nenek has always been a good cook : and my most favorite dish cook by nenek is her infamous "ayam masak kicap" . it is only on special occasion will then nenek prepare this dish and that occasion is on the first day of raya. 

haha. funny that I say that, because this year there is no "ayam masak kicap" from nenek. this year and the year after that, and the year after that, or ever. because on aidilfitri 2010 is the last time I ever will taste that infamous dish I been eating almost every year of my life.

I'm sorry.. this is getting to long, and I don't think I want to continue any further. so that's it. a piece of memory that I manage to share.

Lama Ditinggal


lama sungguh tak kemas kini blog ini
minta maaf kerana sunyi menyepi
maklum lah rumah tidak ada kemudahan internet
tambahan pula memang sengaja tidak mahu kemas kini blog : kenapa?
haha. entah la. mungkin sebab banyak sangat yang berlaku dalam tempoh empat bulan.

hari ini masuk hari kesepuluh pemergian arwah nenek
ya. nenek saya telah meninggal dunia baru-baru ini
kalau nak ikutkan berat hati nak menceritakan
malas juga mahu menulis tentang kisah ini

tapi ini sebagai 'tribute' buat arwah
dan bagi sesiapa yang mengunjungi blog saya ini harap dapat mendoakan arwah serta sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada arwah nenek : Tukejah binti Ngaesah

tarikh pemergian nenek jatuh pada 28 ogos ; kebetulan itu merupakan tarikh lahir insan yang saya sangat sayangi dan hargai

buat nenek : meskipun nenek tidak dapat melihat blog ini atau mendengar suara Bafiy, Bafiy doakan roh nenek sentiasa dirahmati oleh Allah dan moga-moga terselamat dari azab kubur, tidak lama lagi giliran Bafiy akan menyusul pula.