Monday, April 18, 2011

A letter for the beloved

 Dearly beloved,

It seem I haven't been me lately,
the truth is I am not being me these days,
I miss on being so carefree and care so very less about the things happened around me
I miss the days where I see everything special in the world : where everything matter, no less no more

when you slowly growing into your adult things start to change bit by bit
money start to matter, a good future is crucial, life fill with burden, debt, commitment, etc : life getting crowded.

perhaps we just forget how to remember 
remember how bright life can be, remember warmth the world can offer
we just need to trace back time and remember that life

money is not everything in life,
when life throw us a curve ball we should not sigh we take up the challenge
love should not be a burden 
life should not be fill with dull hardships and sorrow

take back time, remember how happy you use to be when you were a kid
remember how joyful it is to play tag with your friend in the playground : running around silly
when even a small cut won't stop you from running free

remember how happy it would be to celebrate your childhood birthday : remember the bliss of being loved and still be
trace back the time you have your first big achievement : despite the hardness you have to endure at first and taste victory as the end result
remember of your first love- how everything seems so right just being there

take back every single moment you have with your best friends, your family and your lover
and cherish every single moment of it : the bad and the good
because when we could remember the time of our pass and put the harshness in life at our back 
then we can truly sense and fell love and the joy of the world

just remember, when you feel like at worlds end in your life, just remember that special you in the past.
you just need to track back, retrace, and just remember you.

love your friend,
hafiy halim

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