Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happiness for you

I just remember something a few friends had scolded me for
and I got to say, for me it's somehow funny and a bit absurd of me

but this one friend was in such extend really pissed off by me
it's not like what I do wrong, but what I don't do
a typical hafiy halim's reaction or doing if you observed the specimen long enough 

" masa aku susah kau ada sahaja dengan aku, tolong aku dan support aku,

tapi masa aku gembira kau selalu hilangkan diri "

that is pretty much how it goes, well at least how I remember it in my head

if you are reading this, yes, this post is from you, and that is what I remember you said to me Amirul Rosli

I don't know if this is a disease or perhaps a habit,
but I just don't like seeing other people get hurt or being sad
I just wanted to make them feel better and smile
and help them being back on  their feet in pursuit in finding happiness

so when they really find what they were searching for in life 
and when I can see they had found happiness, 
I just thought my time was up, you find your happiness, and I am glad for you
but I don't see why I should interfere in your happiness

just the sight of a friend is happy is enough to keep me going
that is why I did not stay, I'm good seeing you happy
and I just don't see why should I be in the picture of your happiness when I am not
I just don't feel that is my place to be. That is why I go

I'll be here when you need me. always. and not just for one person but to all I know
You don't have to worry about me, don't have to fuss about my problems or what so ever that liked to me
because what matter here the most is not me but you guys

I just want you to be happy

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