Saturday, April 30, 2011

Every Chapter in Life : A story book

I don't know if you guys could see it or not,
but have you every notice that in every stage in your life there is at least one person in that level that really matter in your life
I notice that I had that
since I were a lad till a grown up guy
I have these people who really matter for me and touches my heart
these people I genuinely love, till the end of my life

I can still remember a few of them from my past till now,
like when I was in standard six there is always Azrol, Huzaifa and Zamri to hang out in school
when I reach form 1 in Grik I knew Hanif Razali and then meet up with Azwan much latter
When I in from 3, I really started to bond with Syathbi
oh! and there this 'kakak' of mine : Puteri Awani. I heart her very much
when I got tranfered to TGB I met up pleanty of people I cared about : there is Muadz Termizi, Aminuddin Bazli, Hasif Ismail and much more.
then I proceed to Matriculation, I met Luqmal here, then I meet with Amirul, Azri and aziz( a group ). 
I bonded much closer with Izzat Syafiq Na'em and Ammar too( I know them since in TGB )

and now we good the present ; in UKM
it is still early to say I guess but I meet up with plenty of great people
Luqmal is still here, which pretty much making me happy
in UKM I have Azeem Azman, Hafeez, Irwan, Syafiq Mustafa, even two special little girls : Elly and Ecah
but I think the one closest to me is Fakhruddin Rostam.

don't get me wrong, I don't forget the people of my past, it is just we get separated for a while, and to meet up with them is not that easy.
I still care and love for them : I always will be, but we move on in life with hopes we stay connected together
and on our way there we made new friends and collect even more stories for our story book

In every chapter in a book, they complete one another to make a great story, you don't forget what you had read, you remember them for the future chapter to be read : these chapters what make up your story book.


aziz said...

thanxx 4 mentioning me..hehehe...u will always be here in my heart...

elly zamri said...

2 special little gurls!hehe..tq hafiy!!~mmuuuaaahhhhhahahahaha!!~

Hafiy Halim said...

hi aziz. Thanx.

Oh. Suke gamaknya si elly