Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dedication to a Friend

I usually don't forget people's birthdays, especially people who are close to me : family and friends
but by chance I forgot one particular person's birthday
guess the the day just went by and I didn't even noticed anything
since my phone is out of credit, I didn't even bother to check my phone that time, I just left it stranded on the side of the table in my room
in addition I never got the chance to connect to the internet at home
so the blame is for me to take

on the 4th of April is a birth date of a dear friend of mine
well that is the date I forgot to wish him a simple ' happy birthday '
so the next day when I came back to college and got the chance to online
he directly IM me and said he was disappointed
at first I didn't seem to understand but a few minutes pass, I got the urge to check on my phone
and there it is : my mistake of forgetting

so I dedicated this one entry to apologize for my selfishness and my forgetfulness 
perhaps it wont put anything at ease, I'm pretty sure he is damn disappointed and mad even if he didn't say so
he may say that it is a small thing but I ensure you it is not
that is why I feel bad about forgetting his birthday
my friend here is a sensitive person, sensitive in a good way.
it was my lack of sensitivity that offended his sensitivity

here is what happen on our past together, on his last birthday with us in matriculation
my friend and I plan for a small surprise party for him
and you should have seen his face, how his eyes shine and how his face lighten up with the small occasion
and immediately we know how much that small small thing meant to him
and surprisingly, he said that that was a first time his friend have a birthday party for him
so that day mean a lot to him : a day to remember the moment with the people he loves

So to Amirul Rosli, I like to utter my apologies
and Happy belated birthday
I know it's late, but this is the best I can do
I can't turn back time but I can keep myself from forgetting for the years to come

If it make you better, don't wish me on my birthday :D
simple as that, that's gonna make us even then
I love you, and you should know that : I really do.

" happy belated birthday and my deepest apologies to Amirul Rosli "

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