Monday, April 25, 2011

Changing to Something

A friend name Fakhruddin ( real name owh! ) recently posted something in a skype group chat
he ask something about 'change'

yes! you heard me! Change!

well, when you are with someone almost all the time, you tend to miss these changes around them
but when you meet them in one part of your life and met them on another circumstances,
well than that is another story : you would obviously see so much change in them

perhaps how they look, their figure, their structure, their attitude, their way of speech, their way they walk, the way they everything

well I have been thinking this a lot actually, what happen if the friends I got now, would change in a short period of time?
at first I thought, it would be impossible for one to change in a short period of time when at the same time you are always there with them
but it is not, I know people can change in split second, depending on the environment and change factors.

it is not something to be suprise about when you see changes in your friends you go way back. it's normal I presume.
but to see so much change in a friend you always knew, is rare.

to be honest, I don't know what I am blabbering about here. I just seem to wrote what in my mind.
What it got to do with change anyways?
I've seen a lot of people change actually, a friend who suddenly a foe, a good friend suddenly become a stranger

people change for a reason : and sometimes they did not change at all, it is you who change.


elly zamri said...

people change for a reason : and sometimes they did not change at all, it is you how change.


Hafiy Halim said...

bakpe elly?