Tuesday, March 22, 2011

let it be : the curls

everyone got something they are proud of themselves
some were blessed with good looks, some are given talent like no other
a serening voice, a body beautiful and elegant when dancing under the spotlight
some have such beautiful eyes, some have such sexy lips and the list just go on and on
I for one do not have such bliss nor talent but I do have something I do cherish on my body


my hair carry the recessive gene of the population which means the ratio of people of having my kind of hair and the people with normal hair is relatively low
some people tease me for my hair, some even ask me to do something about it, go to the saloon to fix it up
the truth is, my hair does not need any kind of fixing of sort
it is good as it is, and I love them the way they are,
they remind me of the gift bestowed on me, they remind me of my mother(she have the same hair as me), and obviously I inherit her gene in me
It is truth that teasing can hurt one feeling, but I cannot care less about what they say about my hair

My head are covered with curly hairs, yes I am what they say a 'curly haired'
but I love them, I know my hair seem too classical and old fashion as I comb my hair sideways
they make me look like people in the 60s' perhaps
I know being a curly haired means they will be not much things you cannot do with your hair fashion
no mohawk of course! have my hair standing straight from its root on my scalp, and what mostly can be done with a normal straight haired people
but that does not bother me much, because I like it my hair this way, classic!
I guess that just suits me somehow, and yes! I admit I am to old fashioned, but what do I care what people thinks?

so do not let no one get to your mind by saying you are not beautiful or anything
you are who you choose to be, and everything about you is beautiful as long as it is you
this is what we call as gift, even is one does not see it as one, but be noted that the gift of living is a present given by god 
thus your whole body and surrounding is actually a gift
embrace yourself and be happy about it
because I know I am happy, and I am happy for you too

be happy, thank you


Izzah Muhaimy said...

I LOVE your hair hafiy

Hafiy Halim said...

thank you izzah
Love ya

ibnnawawi said...

how bout my hair?

Hafiy Halim said...

you are who you are.. btw, how is ur hair?

bieha-chan :) said...

rambut hafiy comel! :)

Hafiy Halim said...

thanx biha <3