Friday, March 25, 2011

Cease at Loving but Never stop Caring


I may not know much about relationship or love what so ever
perhaps I do not know even a tiny bit about romance

but I do know a few things that is crucial in a relationship
there are lots of thing I do not understand how things suppose to work
I know I am not that bright but I do understood why we are planted with care and tenderness inside of us
it is our nature to be loved and to love : love toward anything!

here is the question :
can you really forget when you stop loving?
can you really stop caring?

I can sense that to be in love is beautiful, even though I never been in one, but I can sense it from people around me
It sure does blossom your life when everything fit to its place
but also bring up a storm cloud so dark that cover your whole world when everything crash to pieces
so your feeling get magnified when you are loved and giving love in return

from what I experience and what I know, when you love someone-friends, family, lovers.
you carve them to your heart and keep it close to you, because they are so dear to you in every possible way there is
but I do believe they stay on your heart even when you say you stop loving them
perhaps you stop loving but I don't think you can ever stop caring
because once you know someone, you cannot undone what is done
they just stay with you till the very last second of your life, directly or indirectly
they are just there

because the brain can never forget the memories built throughout the years
I may not have any love complication as I have not been in one officially ( YES! I am single for years now! what do I care?) 
but I do have complication in my journey finding friend
I got into some quarrels, I got into some fight, I may sulk at times, some even decide to step away from staying anymore
but how much had happen, I could never forget the one who touch my heart
they stay in my heart forever

It's not like I hate them or what so ever,
I tried! I tried hating, I tried to forget , I tried to put everything at end
but all those never happen, I just cannot put myself to hate or anything (annoyed perhaps, but not hate)
the point of order is that : WE CAN NEVER STOP CARING can we?