Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bliss of Love in a friend

In all my life I was to occupied to find the right best friend
somehow I never manage to find one but I end up with more than one
I never thought of things to happen, they just seem to some sort happen anyways
maybe that is what we call fate
I told you readers that I am not the kind that easily open up to spill my feelings
I am used to keeping them instead

perhaps the problem with us people is that we seek for the ideal thing
where the probability is just as close to zero
nothing perfect in the world, everything got its own weakness and disadvantages
but it is the idea of being together that make the weakness gap closer
so if you and your best friend or partner support one another's weak points
then just imagine when you are in a circle of people who care and love you as much as you do

what I am saying is that, sometimes one is not enough
sometimes you need more than one pairs of hand to help pick up millions of your shattered heart
sometimes your love is too much for just one person to have alone

having one best friend is great, but two is better than one
having a whole lot of friends and people who loves you is even better
just do not seek of things to specific of your imagination, things just won't turn that way as you would imagine it to be in your fantasy
just bare with it, just let fate let is path and you yourself open your heart for people to love you

love and care can come when you least expect them to be
sometimes when you need something the most, that is the time you truly know what love is :


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