Thursday, March 31, 2011


is it safe to say I love my friends?
plus I miss them damn much

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bright bright Sun

" There are days when the sun stop shinning on you,

but when that day comes there are people that would light your world as bright as the sun,

and when that happen you will know you are at the right place with the right people "

Shine as bright as the Sun

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cease at Loving but Never stop Caring


I may not know much about relationship or love what so ever
perhaps I do not know even a tiny bit about romance

but I do know a few things that is crucial in a relationship
there are lots of thing I do not understand how things suppose to work
I know I am not that bright but I do understood why we are planted with care and tenderness inside of us
it is our nature to be loved and to love : love toward anything!

here is the question :
can you really forget when you stop loving?
can you really stop caring?

I can sense that to be in love is beautiful, even though I never been in one, but I can sense it from people around me
It sure does blossom your life when everything fit to its place
but also bring up a storm cloud so dark that cover your whole world when everything crash to pieces
so your feeling get magnified when you are loved and giving love in return

from what I experience and what I know, when you love someone-friends, family, lovers.
you carve them to your heart and keep it close to you, because they are so dear to you in every possible way there is
but I do believe they stay on your heart even when you say you stop loving them
perhaps you stop loving but I don't think you can ever stop caring
because once you know someone, you cannot undone what is done
they just stay with you till the very last second of your life, directly or indirectly
they are just there

because the brain can never forget the memories built throughout the years
I may not have any love complication as I have not been in one officially ( YES! I am single for years now! what do I care?) 
but I do have complication in my journey finding friend
I got into some quarrels, I got into some fight, I may sulk at times, some even decide to step away from staying anymore
but how much had happen, I could never forget the one who touch my heart
they stay in my heart forever

It's not like I hate them or what so ever,
I tried! I tried hating, I tried to forget , I tried to put everything at end
but all those never happen, I just cannot put myself to hate or anything (annoyed perhaps, but not hate)
the point of order is that : WE CAN NEVER STOP CARING can we?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bliss of Love in a friend

In all my life I was to occupied to find the right best friend
somehow I never manage to find one but I end up with more than one
I never thought of things to happen, they just seem to some sort happen anyways
maybe that is what we call fate
I told you readers that I am not the kind that easily open up to spill my feelings
I am used to keeping them instead

perhaps the problem with us people is that we seek for the ideal thing
where the probability is just as close to zero
nothing perfect in the world, everything got its own weakness and disadvantages
but it is the idea of being together that make the weakness gap closer
so if you and your best friend or partner support one another's weak points
then just imagine when you are in a circle of people who care and love you as much as you do

what I am saying is that, sometimes one is not enough
sometimes you need more than one pairs of hand to help pick up millions of your shattered heart
sometimes your love is too much for just one person to have alone

having one best friend is great, but two is better than one
having a whole lot of friends and people who loves you is even better
just do not seek of things to specific of your imagination, things just won't turn that way as you would imagine it to be in your fantasy
just bare with it, just let fate let is path and you yourself open your heart for people to love you

love and care can come when you least expect them to be
sometimes when you need something the most, that is the time you truly know what love is :


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

let it be : the curls

everyone got something they are proud of themselves
some were blessed with good looks, some are given talent like no other
a serening voice, a body beautiful and elegant when dancing under the spotlight
some have such beautiful eyes, some have such sexy lips and the list just go on and on
I for one do not have such bliss nor talent but I do have something I do cherish on my body


my hair carry the recessive gene of the population which means the ratio of people of having my kind of hair and the people with normal hair is relatively low
some people tease me for my hair, some even ask me to do something about it, go to the saloon to fix it up
the truth is, my hair does not need any kind of fixing of sort
it is good as it is, and I love them the way they are,
they remind me of the gift bestowed on me, they remind me of my mother(she have the same hair as me), and obviously I inherit her gene in me
It is truth that teasing can hurt one feeling, but I cannot care less about what they say about my hair

My head are covered with curly hairs, yes I am what they say a 'curly haired'
but I love them, I know my hair seem too classical and old fashion as I comb my hair sideways
they make me look like people in the 60s' perhaps
I know being a curly haired means they will be not much things you cannot do with your hair fashion
no mohawk of course! have my hair standing straight from its root on my scalp, and what mostly can be done with a normal straight haired people
but that does not bother me much, because I like it my hair this way, classic!
I guess that just suits me somehow, and yes! I admit I am to old fashioned, but what do I care what people thinks?

so do not let no one get to your mind by saying you are not beautiful or anything
you are who you choose to be, and everything about you is beautiful as long as it is you
this is what we call as gift, even is one does not see it as one, but be noted that the gift of living is a present given by god 
thus your whole body and surrounding is actually a gift
embrace yourself and be happy about it
because I know I am happy, and I am happy for you too

be happy, thank you

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bottle It In

Some people may see as I am the type that express my feeling so obviously
and that is so so true
you can clearly see when I am happy and clearly when I am sad

but you won't see it easy for me to express my anger

because I am also at the same time the type that bottle all my feelings somewhere deep inside my heart
thus meaning that at some point in the future there will be  time I cannot keep all the feelings in anymore

so what I am implying is that I too have my limits in being patient
so mind your words manner and action in my presence

if I can respect you, it won't be that hard to do the same 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ego High

aku tidak suka kau begini
aku tahu kau memang hebat dan sebagainya
cool dan seumpama dengannya
standard tinggi mengunung

tapi jangan letak ego kau terlalu tinggi
orang lain berkawan jugak, tapi tidak pula mereka layan kawan mereka macam sampah
aku tahu aku bukannya seronok untuk 'minggle' bersama
tapi tolong la, kalau aku boleh jaga perasaan kau, kau tidak boleh ke beri sedikit respect

lagak macam manusia biasa saja 
tidak perlu letak ego kau tinggi memuncak

kau tahu? aku sentiasa pandang tinggi pada kau
sekarang aku tidak pasti

rendahkan diri kau dahulu
ketahui rendah bumi tinggi langit

untuk orang lain, jangan jadi begini
nasihat pada kamu dan saya sendiri


kalau sedih dan tertekan yang amat sampai terbawa-bawa dalam mimpi
sampai mimpi jadi macam drama sedih, siap boleh nangis dalam tidur

itu kira sangat sedih dan tertekan la orang itu bukan?

Monday, March 7, 2011

I just want it all

I not sure if my friends and family notice it yet
I do have lots of cravings
and if I want something, I'll be sure to get just that
but the list just go on, when I got what I want, I just want something else
I'm screwed!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Notice posted!

Dalam hidup saya ada stalker

sangat desperate mungkin

maaf tolong jangan ganggu saya ea?

teima kasih


Happy Birthday to the 4th kid in the family

Muhammad Hyqal Bin Mohd Halim

*picture will be posted later on, thank you

Tuesday, March 1, 2011