Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perfect in a special way

I did some thinking recently when I were gazing(or more likely spaced out I would say) through waves of people around me

"not perfect but equivalent"

that is what playing in my head : equivalence
all of us are well informed that are no definite being or perfect for short except for the all mighty creator
no creature in the entire surface of the Earth is perfect not even in the entire universe
however every being are made special in each and its own unique way- that is how I see it.

We all know that some people are born lacking of something
while some might seem to be born with everything-perfect life.
But one way or another, there will always have some holes and something lacking in any life.
Nothing is whole in this world

what I'm seeing in my mind is actually the equality everyone have
which does not seem to be familiar to not everyone
so perhaps you are a handicap, I don't think they should envy people without any handicap
or people who are physically perfect to be proud and look down to people who are lacking of an arm or a leg 
because each being are born special
no matter who you are, there are some things only you can do and non can copy that as you do it

weather it is you talent, your personality, your family, you wealth, your health, your pet, your partner, your soul mate, your religion, your heart or anything
there is always something that makes you special

that is the gift for you sent from the heavens
so people wont be perfect but they are all equal with each other
God make us as equivalent to one another

so don't look down on yourself, instead put your head held up high with your chest up
and see the world in a more beautiful eyes, and be grateful of what you have

because you are equal to everyone else in this world, because you are special  :D