Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rempit Wanna Be

I know it is a bit weird for a guy to not know how to ride a motorcycle
but frankly I listed as one of them actually
but recently I been picking up tips from people I know
and recently I did ride a bike to the class riding my friend's motorcycle

I got to give the credits to these few people how insist me on learning how to ride a bike
I know how to ride on a motored scooter in fact I often ride on my dads Modenas Passion around my neighbourhood
my very first riding a bike was with Fakhruddin, he ask me to took the wheels and I did
It was nerve recking as I was so afraid I might fall and to harm to his bike but he insist and even thought me some few tricks
He sit at the back to make sure I'm okay. He is really helpful and encouraging indeed

then there Hafeez and Irwan, this happen recently,
Azim was caught with a bit of a cold so he cannot make it to class and pass his motorcycle's key to me
I was about to give them to Irwan so he can take me instead to class
but instead he told me to give it a try riding it. I hesitate for sure and insisting him to take me instead of bring myself to ride Azim's bike
but then Hafeez came and same with Irwan insist me to ride it
and at last I found myself taking the wheels on the road, Hafeez and Irwan ride just behine me to make sure I am okay and comfortable
Azim were impressed when I told him I rode his bike to class on my own, Azim and Syafiq help a lot too, he thought me a few things about motorcycle too

I guess I can go on 'merempit' after this...okay, perhaps not! but still I now know I can ride a motorcycle even if I ride it on a very low speed. I'm catching up aren't I

to these people, Fakhruddin, Hafeez, Azim, Irwan and Syafiq, I like to express to you my gratitude.
For giving me the ride and the tips,but, mostly for giving me the ride. *giggle*


Hafeez Hamdan said...

Let's hit the roadddddddddddd!!

af3b_p!LaH said...

bes kan naik moto?