Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Person titled Friend

This time I mean to write about a friend of mine
I don't mean to mention the name though

The first time the both of us met was on our orientation in someplace 
He was sitting one chair away from me. Alone at the moment.
so I invited him to sit beside me. 
A tall fair and well build boy, he looks really nice.
So then we talk throughout the ceremony that night. We were friends instantly.
I admit I really like him, he is really fun to hang out with

We have some things in common; we're both left handed, we're both like reading(in fact he introduce me to Mitch Albom's books, which I really love) 
I look up to him in many ways, and some point I really want to be just like him
He is a strong independent man
He okay on his own, but also do great along people and he really know how to socialize and interact with them. Plus, people love him too.
It's the other way round for me, I am a shy person at first, I need to build and use a lot of courage and effort to make a move and I'm really not that good around people.
I went for my earliest karaoke with him
I love you man! I really do but I have to say that you do not have the most loveliest or the most harmony voice there is.
Don't look at me because I admit that I don't have the voice or the talent in singing
He is a great and magnificent story teller too! He once told me a lots of stories; he told me how he prefer tulips more than roses, explaining the world atlas, even tells me about the inside scoop of what happen around us, he once told me he wish t own an encyclopedia of his own. 
Honestly, I love hearing to all this stories of him. I really wish he would tell me more.
Oh! and what I can say is that this friend of mine really damn much crazy about durian!
on the other hand I am not a fan of durian at all! but it is somehow funny to see he loves this golden yellow flesh. Once him and some of my other friends went wild fighting for the largest golden sensation went the durian were cracked opened!
That's some of the funny part!
There is one thing I really love about him; his laugh!
I'm serious, because everytime he burst out laughing I can assure you that I never forget to smile and even laughed along sometimes.
It never fails to carve a smile on my face even if I heard the laughter from miles away.
That's the best part with him.
He's is very good friend, dependable and you can surely rely on him.
A trustworthy person 

That's some of it though
I really like to relive those moment, and would love to do all those things with him all over again
and thats all for today's entry.