Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Sure Who?

this is what happen during a trip with a few families from my home place to Port Dickson :

we made a group of around 6 people, then call ourselves GANGSTAR KASIH
we made a huge impact on the kids in the family day with our cheer, and the kids keep on chanting our cheer throughout the family day, the kids even wanted to join our group!

I guess we were the trend setter for that trip, we were one hell of a group
We even emerge as the winning group!

here another story;

we were about to play paint ball that morning
so one of the dads there were checking the names of people who are going to participate in the game
so then when it come to my family's name list. here it goes;








notice the 'Son' listed there?
well, that is suppose to me me! Since I were always not around since I started entering boarding school in the Form 1. I barely are home except for the holidays, so it is not that shocking that they put 'Son' instead of 'Hafiy'.
even I don't know anyone there when I first arrived. It's true, I know no one exception of my own family, but, it is a start though, to know my neighbours better.

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