Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today was BOGUS!
such a crappy day to be  the first day after registration 
first and for most
I thought I got everything ready to get back here in UKM
but I miss thing and it is not Hafiy if I didn't not forget anything
first I forgot to bring my pillow
then I notice I forgot my towel

so I rush to a friend's room asking him to take me to town to get me some new towels
after coming back from his room, I found myself lock out from my own room
the irony is the room is not even locked
the door knob just seem to be jammed!

so I got to crack the window open just to get inside!

first day after a long holiday and this what life gets me
such huge misfortune


af3b_p!LaH said...

naseb x kene cmni kat matrix..

Hafiy Halim said...

itu la selamat an