Friday, December 17, 2010

I dream of kids

I've been dreaming something weird again

I dream of little kids and children

this would sound quiet weird but it is true and I really enjoy it
a pleasant dream indeed
and the most interesting part in the dream was all the kids understand English 
thus I was using English in my dream! lol

When I was younger I always dream of working with kids around
but I found it quiet difficult for men to do that kind of job
mostly the job is done by women, but I still do like to work with small kids
that would be interesting is it not?

talking of kids, I'm starting to miss the kids in my family like my cousin's children
I wish i could see them soon :DD


af3b_p!LaH said...

u could b a good father in the future..me think..=)

af3b_p!LaH said...

maybe u could be a good father someday..me think..

Anonymous said...

ape la hafiy ni...
lambat benar update blog nih....
penat org tggu taw....

Hafiy Halim said...

i wish i would be someday soon!
thanx afeb

gerangan siapa yer anonymous nie?
plus sorie la x update sgt masa cutie nie
sbb adik jer yg tawan laptop haha