Thursday, December 23, 2010


Some people said that I have such good English
but the fact is I'm not
I still refer to the dictionary, I still do not know the word used
sometimes I don't understand what are the people acting about in an English drama
and sometimes I got lost in my reading

don't believe me? try asking my English teachers, they know best

it is all about effort and determination

Usually I got some friend ask to me how can I be so good in English(which I'm not THAT GOOD)

I got to answer them any how
so I would told them I've been watching English dubbed or non-dubbed cartoons since I were a kid
then I would enjoy watching English movies and television series on astro or what so ever
plus I would add I read English novels and I love doing that especially when I'm bored

but I think my biggest tip would be I usually practice English in my head. Monologue!
it's true I do that a lot to help improve my English because sometimes I got butterflies in my stomach when I would like to speak English in the open
I guess I'm worried of what people would think of me: perhaps they would called me 'poyo' - which here means like a show-off 
sometimes I got intimidated or rather amazed with people who can talk English so smoothly and so fluently, that sometime I go speechless I guess the cat got my tongue.
but that my mistake thought, if you want to be good at something, you shouldn't care what people think of you
you should just go for it!

I know that now, and I used English in some of my conversation daily.
no need to be shy, life is a continuous learning process

and it's okay to used 'ROJAK' English that's learning okay
I would be glad if people ask to learn English from me
I am not that good but I'll do my best to help with all the things I know

so let's practice English together  


Lady Gee said...

it's the process of learning matters most. u may not be the best, but u're certainly never give up to be one. keep it up...

af3b_p!LaH said...

hafiy ajar aku!!!

Hafiy Halim said...

yezza! jum blaja sama sama
lets learn together-gether