Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Sure Who?

this is what happen during a trip with a few families from my home place to Port Dickson :

we made a group of around 6 people, then call ourselves GANGSTAR KASIH
we made a huge impact on the kids in the family day with our cheer, and the kids keep on chanting our cheer throughout the family day, the kids even wanted to join our group!

I guess we were the trend setter for that trip, we were one hell of a group
We even emerge as the winning group!

here another story;

we were about to play paint ball that morning
so one of the dads there were checking the names of people who are going to participate in the game
so then when it come to my family's name list. here it goes;








notice the 'Son' listed there?
well, that is suppose to me me! Since I were always not around since I started entering boarding school in the Form 1. I barely are home except for the holidays, so it is not that shocking that they put 'Son' instead of 'Hafiy'.
even I don't know anyone there when I first arrived. It's true, I know no one exception of my own family, but, it is a start though, to know my neighbours better.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Some people said that I have such good English
but the fact is I'm not
I still refer to the dictionary, I still do not know the word used
sometimes I don't understand what are the people acting about in an English drama
and sometimes I got lost in my reading

don't believe me? try asking my English teachers, they know best

it is all about effort and determination

Usually I got some friend ask to me how can I be so good in English(which I'm not THAT GOOD)

I got to answer them any how
so I would told them I've been watching English dubbed or non-dubbed cartoons since I were a kid
then I would enjoy watching English movies and television series on astro or what so ever
plus I would add I read English novels and I love doing that especially when I'm bored

but I think my biggest tip would be I usually practice English in my head. Monologue!
it's true I do that a lot to help improve my English because sometimes I got butterflies in my stomach when I would like to speak English in the open
I guess I'm worried of what people would think of me: perhaps they would called me 'poyo' - which here means like a show-off 
sometimes I got intimidated or rather amazed with people who can talk English so smoothly and so fluently, that sometime I go speechless I guess the cat got my tongue.
but that my mistake thought, if you want to be good at something, you shouldn't care what people think of you
you should just go for it!

I know that now, and I used English in some of my conversation daily.
no need to be shy, life is a continuous learning process

and it's okay to used 'ROJAK' English that's learning okay
I would be glad if people ask to learn English from me
I am not that good but I'll do my best to help with all the things I know

so let's practice English together  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kata capik

Ini antara kami dialogkan sebentar tadi tatkala kebosanan
Hafiz Hamdan tanyakan kerja untuk di buat
tetapi di celah Syafiq Mustafa kata kan bahawa kita semua tidak besyukur

masa tiada apa-apa kerja nak buat, kau mintak kerja

bila kau da penuh kerja, tak hendak buat pule

masa ada masa panjang nak main pun da muak

bila assignment bertimbun sibuk nak main game

ingat-ingatlah ; 

muda sebelum tua
sihat sebelum sakit
kaya sebelum miskin
"lapang sebelum sempit"
hidup sebelum mati

Person titled Friend

This time I mean to write about a friend of mine
I don't mean to mention the name though

The first time the both of us met was on our orientation in someplace 
He was sitting one chair away from me. Alone at the moment.
so I invited him to sit beside me. 
A tall fair and well build boy, he looks really nice.
So then we talk throughout the ceremony that night. We were friends instantly.
I admit I really like him, he is really fun to hang out with

We have some things in common; we're both left handed, we're both like reading(in fact he introduce me to Mitch Albom's books, which I really love) 
I look up to him in many ways, and some point I really want to be just like him
He is a strong independent man
He okay on his own, but also do great along people and he really know how to socialize and interact with them. Plus, people love him too.
It's the other way round for me, I am a shy person at first, I need to build and use a lot of courage and effort to make a move and I'm really not that good around people.
I went for my earliest karaoke with him
I love you man! I really do but I have to say that you do not have the most loveliest or the most harmony voice there is.
Don't look at me because I admit that I don't have the voice or the talent in singing
He is a great and magnificent story teller too! He once told me a lots of stories; he told me how he prefer tulips more than roses, explaining the world atlas, even tells me about the inside scoop of what happen around us, he once told me he wish t own an encyclopedia of his own. 
Honestly, I love hearing to all this stories of him. I really wish he would tell me more.
Oh! and what I can say is that this friend of mine really damn much crazy about durian!
on the other hand I am not a fan of durian at all! but it is somehow funny to see he loves this golden yellow flesh. Once him and some of my other friends went wild fighting for the largest golden sensation went the durian were cracked opened!
That's some of the funny part!
There is one thing I really love about him; his laugh!
I'm serious, because everytime he burst out laughing I can assure you that I never forget to smile and even laughed along sometimes.
It never fails to carve a smile on my face even if I heard the laughter from miles away.
That's the best part with him.
He's is very good friend, dependable and you can surely rely on him.
A trustworthy person 

That's some of it though
I really like to relive those moment, and would love to do all those things with him all over again
and thats all for today's entry.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Silent Treatment

. . . . . !!

Man! How that hurts damn much!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crackin' Leggin'

it is weird to have window as a subtitute for your door
Plus it need a lot of effort

Because of the damn door!
I got to look like I'm cracking somebody's room for thief

I guess I need more than patience
My back hurts my my fingers are numb because of cracking the window to my own room

What a day huh?


Today was BOGUS!
such a crappy day to be  the first day after registration 
first and for most
I thought I got everything ready to get back here in UKM
but I miss thing and it is not Hafiy if I didn't not forget anything
first I forgot to bring my pillow
then I notice I forgot my towel

so I rush to a friend's room asking him to take me to town to get me some new towels
after coming back from his room, I found myself lock out from my own room
the irony is the room is not even locked
the door knob just seem to be jammed!

so I got to crack the window open just to get inside!

first day after a long holiday and this what life gets me
such huge misfortune

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Baru-baru ini semasa sedang menjamu selera diluar
sambil aku melantak nasi goreng kampung berserta dengan udang goreng tepung,
aku tertarik dengan iklan yang terpapar di kaca televisyen
iklan McDonald, mereka ingin pamerkan burger mereka yang sering dikeluarkan semasa tahun baru menghampiri


iklan tersebut menanyakan penonton dimanakah 'prosperity' mereka
bagi sesetengah pada pakaian mereka, ada pada keluarga mereka, ada juga dirumah
setiap orang mempunyai prosperity mereka sendiri
tetapi bagi pihak McDonalds semestinya prosperity itu terletak pada burger mereka bukan?

sejurus menonton iklan tersebut 
aku pun tertanya-tanya, di manakah prosperity aku
di mana jua prosperity dalam hidup kamu semua ya?

Friday, December 17, 2010


sebab cerita ini lah aku mula-mula mahu hamster
malangnyer tidak pernah ada hamster pun
kura-kura ada lah

akan tetapi aku memang gemar lihat gelagat hamtaro ini masa kecil-kecil

Curly Gone!

I just went back to the barber shop
and my hair and the curls are now gone
my hair gone short

I feel a bit awkward and weird visiting the barber
what can I say, I haven't seen the barber for ages!


it is amazing how my head feel lighter now
but I do miss my longer curly hair

I think I'm getting fat
(huh?! why am I thinking of this now?? *giggle*)

I dream of kids

I've been dreaming something weird again

I dream of little kids and children

this would sound quiet weird but it is true and I really enjoy it
a pleasant dream indeed
and the most interesting part in the dream was all the kids understand English 
thus I was using English in my dream! lol

When I was younger I always dream of working with kids around
but I found it quiet difficult for men to do that kind of job
mostly the job is done by women, but I still do like to work with small kids
that would be interesting is it not?

talking of kids, I'm starting to miss the kids in my family like my cousin's children
I wish i could see them soon :DD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cantik Curly Curly

semasa di HUKM 
sewaktu aku mahu membayar duit parking kereta untuk berangkat keluar dari HUKM mahu pulang ke destinasi

ini apa mak cik itu katakan pada aku dengan manis dan bersemangat

"cantik rambut awak..

curly curly gitu..

macam perempuan"

sambil tersenyum di belakang tingkap yang tinted

tergelak aku serta merta

Say dream

kebelakangan nie memang banyak mimpi pelik aku alami
fantasy sungguh mimpi aku
adakala mimpi pasal budak lawan ngan orang jahat
adakala mimpi pasal cooking show( nie mungkin sebab tgk byk sgt masterchef dan topchef di astro)
hari tue ada mimpi pasal zombie lepas tengok the walking dead
ada jugak mimpi pasal reality aku

aku mimpi semua jadi baik baik aje
tapi bila aku sedar itu semua mimpi aje