Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something about Kobe..

this is a dialog I heard during I am immersed in watching a TV drama series of 'how i met your mother'

Employer: ever heard of kobe beef before?

Marshall: only the most expensive beef in the whole world

Employer: yes, now have you ever heard of kobe..lobster??

Marshall: ?!(amazed and petrified)

Employer:it is a lobster feed with kobe beef

okay, now imagine that! Kobe beef is known of it luxury taste and also price as well
now imagine the term kobe plus all the luxury with it in a lobster!
that is like much much more expensive!

take note that non of this is allowed to be consumed b muslim
because kobe beef or even lobster is not halal due to they feed the cow beer to help it grow


Hafeez Hamdan said...

come to think of it, there's an alcohol-free beer either. if these cows are fed with this type of beer, we could have more chance in landing in a good diet and stay in a good health.

Hafiy Halim said...

lets make one some day!
we call it HOFE beef!