Monday, July 19, 2010


Who would have guess changing courses could be this complicated
to change courses is not quite of the deal
but it is when you got it is the hardest part
you need to manage the timetable yourself
worry about to catch up with studies
lecturer and classes
not forgetting my new mentor

last week and tis week have been a busy weeks for me
since i don't have my own vehicle
so bus is the only way of transport here
and to wait for the bus is one thing
one more is the places I need to go

from my collage to my engineering faculty
to the DEKAN office
to the science technology faculty

I kept on going forth and back to these place
from time to time

all of this walking and travelling is exhausting my energy fast
but it will be worth while
since I manage to switch to the courses I prefer more


Anonymous said...

hey u'll get used to it soon..
dunt worry keyh...

Hafiy Halim said...

terima kasih
aku akan cuba adapt dgn pantas