Friday, July 2, 2010

A story of one father

So there I was
sitting on the bench of a private clinic in Cheras Perdana
I was accompanying my sister for her medical check up with mom

so the procedure of the check up went as normal
and how they suppose to work

so at the few moment after
we were waiting for the x-ray to be prepared
there was a man step into the clinic
wearing a yellow shirt with black slacks
he is a handicap
(i think he suffer of a disease name ricket-a disease involving the legs)
then he take the empty seat beside him
i greet him with a warm smile

As usual, my sister and I
were playing around and fighting as always
then the old man asked;
(after translation)

"the two of you are siblings?"

"yes", i replied

then he smiled

he was actually touch by the bond shared by the two of us as siblings
he told us that he have only one child
a son, married
but never the child of his ever visited him
he only text the old man
(the truth is the child lives not very far from the old man's place)
instead the son live with his mother and step dad 
his ex-wife marry his own friend
(he said that his friend back stabbed him)

the old man had a divorced
he lost his wife, his son, and a handicap 
life is hard for the old man

but what sadden me is the fact that the child did not pay any attention to the father
and the fact that he have been betrayed by his own friend

what had happen to people nowadays?

where is the love gone to?

please people
do not do this to your father nor mother
and do not betray someone's trust
be honest to your family and friends


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