Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chinese celup(dippped chinese?)

This morning I was talking to my friend
he was learning mandarin recently
so he tells me, thus to prove it he speaks a bit of common usually used pharse by these language
(to be frank I don't know any mandarin)

so the conversation goes;
hafiy: ni how ma??
din: wo hen how

whoa! at that rate i was amaze by din

but then when he started asking me back the question
(not the 'ni how ma' but something utterly somethingelse)

this is what i replied

hafiy: BUTO LU!

p/s; don't ever use the last word of the last dialog, EVER!


fakhruddin said...

haha. hafiy still da bez. at least he can speak out sumthing dat sounds like mandarin. kononnye la.xD

fakhruddin said...

btw my question was "ni chi bao le ma" means have u eaten yet. who knows ill get scolded by u . lol

Hafiy Halim said...

bukan scolded la din oi
tercegang aku sebentar
at the very last THAT word came out
jgn marah yer syg oi

fakhruddin is also the best!