Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Packed Day

Date 29 June 2010
a hectic day waits ahead

0915 till 1115- do medical check up for my little sister

1025 till 1230- take a passport sized picture for me and my sister and also have some documents photocopied

drive around whether there is Bank Islam around the area
there is none spotted
(really a waste of fuel for the car)

After Noon;
around 1330
gone to pick up Huzir(little brother) from school
usually he went home with a van but today is the exception
because I pick him up

arrived home
thank goodness because I am damn hungry
(haven't eaten anything since morning)
so eat lunch plus perform solat

Start of Evening;
drive to LRT
commute on LRT to Bandar Raya
go to Bank Islam to settle the fees both my sister and I for our Universities
take quiet a lot time to settle things in the bank

All the stuff in the bank settled
so went to Permata to look around
nothing catches the eye though
then went to the Reject Shop
We got some new clothes with us
(so damn happy)

went to Sogo
with the same perpose
to look around
my sister bought some more clothes for her

get on the LRT to home
get on the car and go home

arrive home
as soon as we arrive
unload the stuff from the back of the car
we found out our aunt is her too
then quickly perform our prayer before its too late

perform prayer again
eat dinner then

send my aunt home
but before arriving to destination
we have some pit stop
my sister went to a shop
and yet again manage to buy herself some more
clothing(baju kurung this time)

arrive home

Abah came back from his meeting in Johore
he bought clothing
for me this time
(damn happy with that)

ended writing this blog of today's journey

p/s: i may have not mention the thing we done in details
it is not because I cannot, it is just because
there is a lot that happen.

one tiring day.
My back hurts.

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