Friday, June 11, 2010

monster friend

Sometimes when you gave your heart to someone
you would do even the absurd things just to make them happy

but is all that sacrifices and stupid thing you went trough for them worth it?
because sometimes you are a fool not to notice what your friend had done for you all this time
to get up and ran to you when they heard you were sick
getting worried like hell and do anything to see you get up to your feet back

you are an idiot because
your friend even waited for you all this time after you left him
he still takes you as his friend, never to take his back on you
never did think bad towards you and would defend you every time
but you still don't realize he is your friend

he waited...
but you just let him be

maybe it's my fault

I were stupid to believe anyhow

I wish I don't know you
If I do, this wouldn't have to happen

What are you?
a friend or a monster?


Anonymous said...

hey pehal nih??
who's this monster friends of yours nih??

Hafiy Halim said...

siapa nie eh??
sedih bila pikir kan hal nie