Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye KL, Hello Arau!

today on the 28 June 2010after the clock strike noon
I were given shock by my little sister
(Mas Hafiyka)

She show me something so unbelievable
She had been accepted into UiTM

that's good news for sure
but the story did not end so like this

so i look at the offer letter posted online

the story gets interesting as you read that offer carefully
its the 'tempat' she have been placed too


my little sister got to learn to be independent
i wish you the best of luck little sis
bubye sis. 
I'll be in BANGI if you need me

p/s ; she have never went to school outside of KL or Selangor
so the news shock her more than me
especially when she figures out that she got to be far apart from her family

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