Sunday, May 16, 2010

Observation within desire

On my way back from Kota Damansara, from my dad's friends place, i can't stop looking by the road. Usually when I stare at the road with hundreds of car passing by makes me sleepy but not then. I keep on observing the shinny and not so shinny car as drove by to the opposite direction of where I'm going. I saw a bright yellow Volkswagen BEETLE drove by, and man did that car catch my eyes! Then I saw a bunch of BMW, then  a few mercedes, and a lot of perodua and proton cars. Not to mention the lorries and buses though, they were everywhere every time I observe the road.

I don't actually get it the first time.
but I realized now, that I really wanted a car of my own badly.
Is this a symptom when someone is craving to want a car?

if possible I would like to own one of BMW 5 series
 BMW 535i sedan is expected to be release in 2011
to much to ask?

BMW 5 series 535i

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