Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Objectives Unknown..love

"your my bestfriend"

I heard this many times already,
so this should mean that I have loads of BESTFRIENDS around me

but actually I don't have any
I may linger with many kind of people and make friends to countless number of human being
but I do not have any bestfriend around me
although I have a bestfriend since I was in preliminary school but she is not here right now
she is studying abroad thus we got separated for years
but she still says I am her best friend
who knows when we got the chance to meet again

back to where I am saying,
I never mind what people i mix with
I love making friends and that is the truth
when I love someone, I really mean it

but once someone let out from their mouth the above sentence,
things just get hard for me
they say such things but do not actually mean it
cause it never seems that way when I see it

in the end I am just ripped off.
cause, eventually, I would be the one left alone
confused and not knowing what had actually happened.
but yet I am left aside anyways.

although things don't go well
even when they left
I never did hold a grudge to any of them
I never did
because the truth I really love them no matter what they did to me
sometimes I got really hurt in the process,
but never did it change me one bit

like I said I will always love my friend
and I some point I'll do anything for them
it is just I don't get it
why do they said something they didn't mean to me?
why they got to lie to me?
why say it and then just leave?
is it fair to treat people like this?

eventhough I've been all that
I never can let myself to hate any of them
I just simply love them
no matter how they are.
because of what they have said(I beleive in them)
and simply because we're friends

I love all of you all the way through


Anonymous said...

hey kawe..
i love u + i mean it ok!!!

Hafiy Halim said...

i love you too!

mr. weird said...

is it me dat hurting u diz much??sory my dear..luv u so much..n hope we can keep in touch till the end..

Hafiy Halim said...

jgn risau
bukan kamo