Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kite Runner

I read this book a few times already
I read it again recently

For those who never read this book,

The Kite Runner tell a story of Amir, who befriend with his father's servant's son, Hassan.
Hassan have always be a good friend to Amir
but on the other hand, Amir is not like Hassan
Hassan is othen mocked by the other kids due to his naive low standard bacground, the Hazaras.
But never once did Amir back up for Hassan
instead Hassan is the one that had always protected Amir with his stringshot.
to make it short, Amir did a horrrible thing to Hassan when he was being picked by some mean snotty kids-Amir did not help Hassan at all.
Since then their friendship gone wrong.
Guilty for his sins, Amir tried to make Hassan go away.
The story goes as when life gets hard with the rise of the Taliban and war and so on.
Amir flee to America and grown to be adult there with his father.
After the death of his father, he learn the truth about his father's past,
and the truth about Hassan, his half-brother.
Amir struggle to find a way for redemption, 
trough a boy name Sohrab, Hassan's son.

"for you a thousand times over"

it is really a wonderful story of family friendship love and redemption
it shows a massage that there is always a way to be good again

it have been out for quiet some time actually,
but I recommend people reading it

If you are not into reading,
'watch' it instead

The kite runner the movie
it have been released in 2007


Koopalings said...

belum sempat pun tengok. tak masuk cinema ke?

Hafiy Halim said...

sudah lama da
masa kita form 5 di tayang kan di msia
aku ngan ain excited giler masa itu