Thursday, April 15, 2010

That Particular Day

i told myself this

"don't cry damn it!"

it goes smoothly at first
every departure i manage to back a smile and a hand wave saying good bye or see you very soon

but when it come to this one friend of mine i just can't help it.
he is one of the first i meet there in KMM
and once one of the closest
i adore him as a friend
thought me many things
i wish we didin't have that stupid argument of some sort
i wasted a lot of time being selfish

so when i say him left i keep myself from sheding any tears
but honestly i my heart-tears had shed way to many for one even can count

because that could be the last time i will see luqmal hadi


Encik Cerahsebelah said...

dah ucap goodbye?

Hafiy Halim said...

i manage to see him
but i didnt manage to say what i really want to tell him

amar said...

boleh saya tahu siapa gerangannyer!!!
sajer nyibuk

Hafiy Halim said...